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  • R&S®VTC-VTE-VTS Video Testers

    The R&S®VTC/VTE/VTS video testers are used for testing video and audio interfaces on consumer electronics equipment.Features & Benefits Mobile high-definition link (MHL) interface testing High-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) testing Analog audio/video interface testingFeatures & BenefitsRealtime protocol analysisControl bus (CBUS) testingGeneration of user-defined patterns and patterns in line

  • R&S®VTC-VTE-VTS - Media Center

    Video testing on adaptive bitrate video streaming presented at GSMA MWC 2016Rohde & Schwarz showcased full reference video testing based on the R&S®VTC/VTE/VTS video tester family at the GSMA Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona.

  • Software for R&S®VTC-VTE-VTS Video Testers

    /VTE/VTS. ● New format: UHDTV (also with YCbCr 4:2:0) (CR 4881).

  • Firmware for R&S®VTC-VTE-VTS Video Testers

    Windows XP or other instruments are not affected. 1.1 07.10.20191 MB R&S®VTC/VTE/VTS Open Source Acknowledgment 0318.11.2015775 kB R&S®VTC-VTE-VTS Firmware Release Notes V 2.1021.04.2016411 kB HDMI CTS Sink Test Library Manual 0326.04.201677 kB

  • Drivers for R&S®VTC-VTE-VTS Video Testers

    File DescriptionDateRelated Content 26.09.2017 LabWindows/CVI, VXIpnp driver rsavpxxx history 19.05.2015 LabVIEW driver rsavpxxx history 27.05.2015 Driver NameSizeVersionDateVXIplug&play x86 driver rsavp 5 MB1.1.0 27.06.2018 LabWindows/CVI, Linux/OSX driver rsavp 2 MB1.1.0 27.06.2018 VXIplug&play x64 driver rsavp 5 MB1.1.0 27.06.2018 LabVIEW 2010 driver rsavp 22 MB1.1.0 27.06.2018 Remote – control

  • Wireless Communications Testers & Systems - Test & Measurement

    Wireless device testers, infrastructure testers, protocol testers, conformance and preconformance testers and systems.To keep the backbone of mobile communications running, powerful mobile networks and mobile devices are needed.Rohde & Schwarz offers a full portfolio of wireless communication testers and systems for the complex measurements involved. The multistandard, modular and highly flexible wireless

  • Verification & Conformance Testing

    Building on its many years of experience in wireless communications test and measurement, Rohde & Schwarz can offer a complete portfolio of sophisticated solutions for the approval process of wireless devices. Solutions from Rohde & Schwarz reliably cover the test requirements of all conventional standardization, regulatory and certification bodies, as well as network-operator-specific interoperability

  • R&S®AVBrun - Video analysis and speech quality test solution with the R&S®CMWrun sequencer software tool

    The R&S®VTC/VTE/VTS video testers are used to test video and audio interfaces on consumer electronics equipment. The R&S®AVBrun automation software meets all require-ments for executing remote control test sequences on the R&S®BTC and R&S®VTC/VTE/VTS in R & D, quality assur-ance, production and service. The software engine is based on the execution of test DLLs (plug-in assemblies).

  • 4K, HDR and HDMI 2.0a – webinar


  • Rohde & Schwarz Webcast: HDMI 2.0 - Testing the New 6G Interface on Protocol and Physical Layer

    Duration: 45 minutesThe new HDMI standard revision was created in order to support UltraHD resolutions of 3840 x 2160 pixel or 4096 x 2304 pixel at 50 Hz or 60 Hz, respectively. This webinar provides an introduction to the new technology. Additionally, and equally important, it will illustrate how the new protocol tests in accordance with the HDMI Forum’s compliance test specification 2.0 can be performed

Results 1 - 10 of 261
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