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Transmission measurements with ZVH-K42?


Does the ZVH-K42 vector network analysis option also include the R&S ZVH-K39 transmission measurements?


The R&S ZVH-K39 transmission measurement option measures the transmission characteristics of components as well as the isolation between the transmit and the receive antenna.

The ZVH-K42 vector network analysis option includes all of the R&S ZVH-K39 functions. The R&S ZVH-K39 provides the basic transmission measurement functions required for usual cable and antenna installation. If you need additional measurements such as group delay or phase, the R&S ZVH-K42 is the right choice.

As soon as ZVH-K42 is installed, the "Meas" key opens the menu to configure the available measurements. The "Format/Span" key lets you configure the format of the measurement result.