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Unable to launch Elektra, re-install with clean up


For some reason, I am unable to launch Elektra. Elektra failed to launch after using for sometime. Is there a standard procedure I can try to get the software running, again?


You can have a try with re-install with clean up. Please do the following step.

1.) User must have administrator rights

2.) Make a copy of C:\ProgramData\Rohde-Schwarz\ELEKTRA\ folder version and store in local temporary drive (Location A).

3.) Do a basic clean up. Remove the version folder you try to install

- C:\Program Files\Rohde-Schwarz\ELEKTRA\x.xx.xx

- C:\ProgramData\Rohde-Schwarz\ELEKTRA\ folder version

- C:\ProgramFiles\Firebird\firebird_x_Elektra

4.) Re-Install Elektra

5.) If Elektra is installed and manage to launch successfully, user can copy Elektra.FDB from the saved folder in your local drive (Location A) to the newly created folder (C:\ProgramData\Rohde-Schwarz\ELEKTRA\ folder version)

For the rare case that the procedure does not help copy the folder (C:\ProgramData\Rohde-Schwarz\ELEKTRA\ folder version) and forward this information to Customer Support for deeper analysis.

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