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Use of ELEKTRA on a non-Test-PC?


With R&S EMC32 there was a way to have it installed on a non-Test-PC for pre- or post-processing applications only, without having licenses to control instruments. Does this also work with R&S ELEKTRA?


Yes, it is possible to use R&S ELEKTRA for pre- or post-processing without having the same licenses as on the Test PC.

Download and install ELEKTRA as you used to do for a Test PC. If the PC is not connected to measurement equipment, the only license you need is ELEMC-OFF9 available on a EMCPC card.This specific single license does allow offline pre-/post-processing of all templates, test results and test reports. It allows you to transfer data from your test PC to a non-test PC and vice versa.

Of course, this non-test PC can also be extended, e.g. with ELEMC-REP to create dotx report templates using xml, EMS waveform management or with ELEMI-3D for 3D EMI Result Evaluation.