Living with the IoT neighbors: Demonstrating wireless coexistence testing

Webinar: Living with the IoT neighbors: Demonstrating wireless coexistence testing

This webinar is intended for design and test engineers who are facing interference challenges with their devices. After a short introduction in IoT communication standards we will be discussing OTA and conducted test concepts. By reference to demonstrations you will be learning key elements of wireless coexistence testing such as how does the receiver react to interference, selecting KPIs, know your "enemy": who interferes, and user experience testing. An overview of suitable test solutions will be concluding the webinar.


Naseef Mahmud received his Master’s Degree in Electrical, IT and computer engineering with a focus on communication engineering from the RWTH Aachen University in Germany. Since then he has served in multiple roles at the test & measurement company, Rohde & Schwarz. Over the years, Naseef had the unique opportunity to work with and gain industry insights from some of the biggest companies in multiple industries. He holds multiple patents in the field of satellite, IoT and automotive testing. Naseef has established himself as a trusted advisor for the topic of over the air testing and coexistence testing for Rohde & Schwarz as well as their customers. He represents Rohde & Schwarz at different standardization bodies around the world such as at ETSI, REDCA and ANSI.

Naseef Mahmud