R&S®Trusted Gate - Data Diode Solution

Safer data transfer in different security zones

R&S® TrustedGate Data Diode
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R&S® TrustedGate Data Diode

Key facts

  • Innovative encryption mechanisms for highest security demands
  • Unidirectional data transfer
  • Secure, distributed storage of encrypted documents
  • Data-centric security
  • Easily meet compliance requirements

About R&S®Trusted Gate - Data Diode Solution

R&S®Trusted Gate - Data Diode Solution enables secure, unidirectional data transfer of classified information from classified networks and security zones to external partners. Scenarios range from the dispatch of documents from for example a restricted area of ​​a production facility to a public cloud of a business partner or the transfer of sensitive data from an authority to a research institute.

Features & benefits

Innovative encryption mechanisms for highest security demands

Dynamic encryption

Usability meets security: With R&S®Trusted Gate - Secure Data Room Solution sensitive data is highly secure:

  • While uploading a document, encryption can be done automatically due to the classifications standards of the organization.
  • R&S®Trusted Gate - Secure Data Room Solution provides the ability to fulfill even highest security requirements in classified infrastructures.
  • All security keys remain with the customer.

Unidirectional data transfer

Data flow only from classified to non-classified

The data tranfer with R&S®Trusted Gate - Data Diode Solution is unidirectional.

  • Data does not flow in the opposite direction.
  • Data flow in the opposite direction is blocked.
  • Classified information is not exposed to potential cyberattacks, espionage and manipulation.

Secure, distributed storage of encrypted documents

Store large amounts of data cost-effectively and highly secure

The chunks of the encrypted and fragmented original file can be stored on configurable storage systems:

  • You have the choice: distribute the chunks of the original document on different physical storages.
  • Even with quantum computers you cannot break the crypto algorithm just from single chunks.
  • Regulation requirements can easily be fulfilled.

Data-centric security

Fulfill highest safety requirements

Through file seperation, you are protected against complex cyber attacks:

  • R&S®Trusted Gate - Data Diode Solution only contains virtualized files.
  • Those only include non-confidential meta-information of the original file (e.g., filename, size, access permissions).
  • The original files, on the other hand, are encrypted into chunks and stored in configurable locations (e.g., cloud or fileshare systems).

Easily meet compliance requirements

Security technology helps you meet different regulations

The separation of the original documents into chunks offers  the advantage to fullfill compliance requirements:

  • By storing the chunks on servers or in clouds, data protection regulations,  stipulating that certain files may not be stored abroad, are fulfilled.
  • Employees can work transparently and flexibly with the virtual copies of the original documents.
  • Data chunks are securely stored.

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