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  • New R&S FSV3000 and R&S FSVA3000 spectrum analyzers – high-speed analysis for lab and production, ideal for 5G NR

    New spectrum analyzers offer high-speed analysis for lab and production, ideal for 5G NR.Munich | 11-Apr-2019 | Aerospace & defense test and measurementNew R&S FSV3000 and R&S FSVA3000 spectrum analyzers – high-speed analysis for lab and production, ideal for 5G NRManufacturers of RF components, transmitters and modules are facing complex measurement tasks on wideband RF signals and tight

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  • At ANGACOM Rohde & Schwarz presents latest products and solutions to optimize the present and design the future

    touchscreen based user interface, Rohde & Schwarz offers the right solution.RF & Microwave device testThe analysis of 5G NR wireless communication technology demands more bandwidth and higher RF performance from R&D and production test solutions. Rohde & Schwarz addresses this market with the new R&S FSV3000 and R&S FSVA3000 signal and spectrum analyzers. Available with up to 400 MHz analysis bandwidth

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  • USB power sensors for all applications

    ®SMBV100A signal generator / R&S®FSV signal and spectrum analyzer WLAN IEEE 802.11ac measure-ments now possible with midrange instruments .......................................16 W Signal generators Standard-compliant NFC signals defined in detail at the press of a button ........18 WIRELESS TECHNOLOGIES GENERAL PURPOSE Power measurements W R&S®NRP-Z58 thermal power sensor Power sensor with 1 mm coaxial

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  • Rohde & Schwarz demonstrates powerful test solutions for 5G NR base stations at MWC 2019

    system at the trade fair consists of an R&S SMBV100B vector signal generator and the new R&S FSV3000 spectrum analyzer, which is designed for analyzing 5G NR signals and for fast data transfer in the cloud. Users can configure and control production tests via the R&S Quickstep automation software. 5G microservices based on the R&S VSE signal explorer software quickly analyze the data.Rohde & Schwarz

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  • Performance

    high-resolution radars. The brand new, mid-range R&S®FSV3000/FSVA3000 analyzers are also a good choice for demanding measurements. They offer surprisingly innovative automatic features such as an event driven GUI and a synchronizing function for connected generators – and the performance data to match (page 64). Cover feature 4 Wireless Automotive Cover feature New high-end T&M instruments R&S®RTP oscilloscope

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  • Clean compliance

    measurement II: analyze signals up to 40 GHz and 160 MHz bandwidth The mid-range R&S®FSV signal and spec-trum analyzer has demonstrated its value as a universal instrument in labs and T&M systems for many years. It delivers sufficient performance for a broad range of applications, seldom leaving users wishing for a higher-range tool. When dealing with state-of-the-art communica-tions technology, however,

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  • Entry class

    including limit lines and transducer factors ❙ Flexible report configuration for different layouts ❙ Can be used with the R&S®ESCI, R&S®ESPI, R&S®ESL, R&S®ESR, R&S®ESU, R&S®ESRP and R&S®ESW EMI test receivers, the R&S®FSL spectrum analyzer and the R&S®FSV and R&S®FSW signal and spectrum analyzers ❙ Backup wizard for regular data backups Fig. 2: Configuration of a voltage emission measurement.

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  • Network analysis at your fingertips

    efficiency counts: handheld analyzer for installing cables and antennas 18 W R&S®FS-K96 OFDM vector signal analysis software Analysis made easy: wizard for describing OFDM signals 22 W R&S®FSQ / R&S®FSG / R&S®FSV Analyzing WiMAX™, LTE and WLAN MIMO signals 26 Network analyzers W R&S®ZNB / R&S®ZNC vector network analyzers Network

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  • T&M instruments for use anywhere

    high-end analy-sis tools would not run can be used as the frontend, e. g. the R&S®FSL. R&S®VSE currently supports the R&S®FSL / FPS / FSV / FSW analyzer families and the R&S®RTO oscilloscopes. An HF direction finder that misses nothing The R&S®DDF1GTX high-speed scan-ning HF direction finder is the culmi-nation of all of the DF know-how that Rohde & Schwarz has accumulated over the past decades. The

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  • UltraHD – the future of TV

    relevant tests. Thomas A. Kneidel NEWS 212/15 15 16 Future-ready RF shielded boxes for development and mass production Fig. 1: Together with a generator and analyzer, the R&S®TS7124 RF shielded box forms a compact test setup for testing DUTs with radio interfaces meeting a variety of standards (the picture shows a manual test box, an R&S®SMBV100A signal generator and an R&S®FSV spectrum analyzer)

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