Born to enable 5G

Born to enable 5G

The next generation of 5G NR test solutions

Meet our new product family of 5G testing equipment

Testing 5G NR requires innovative test and measurement approaches. New technologies such as massive MIMO (mMIMO), increased bandwidths and data rates and the introduction of mmWave frequencies require more computing power and robust RF hardware. They also make over-the-air (OTA) testing compulsory.

Rohde & Schwarz helps you overcome these challenges with a family of testing equipment perfected for 5G applications in development, QM acceptance testing and production. Meet our new family members.

CMX500 Radio communication tester

R&S®CMX500 – uniting both worlds

The R&S®CMX500 radio communication tester is a test platform uniting the worlds of 4G and 5G. Designed for signaling and non-signaling tests in all 5G frequency bands, the R&S®CMX500 offers seamless integration to well-established R&S®CMW500. This integration between the R&S®CMX500 and an existing setup provides a smooth upgrade path from LTE to 5G NR testing. 4G and 5G will coexist for years to come, making the R&S®CMX500 a must have for 5G testing.

CMPQ - Making simultaneous Multi-DUT testing a reality

R&S®CMPQ – mastering mmWave tests

Among the novelties of 5G is the new frequency range: mmWave (FR2). Devices using FR2 require over-the-air (OTA) testing. The Rohde & Schwarz solution is the R&S®CMPQ, a fully integrated, compact solution, complete with a tester, remote radio head and a shielding cube.
Watch our video and see how this unified test setup fits your requirements, or continue reading below for more R&S®CMPQ information.

CMsquares - controlling 5G testers

R&S®CMsquares – controlling 5G testers

The R&S®CMsquares is a unified, browser based test software solution for 5G NR tests, controlling all new 5G radio communication testers via a standardized GUI. Its dashboard style operation and DUT centric approach makes it very easy to keep track of even complex test scenarios, test configuration, parameterization, measurements as well as test execution in a single environment. The R&S®CMsquares is also highly configurable to the user's personal preferences.

CMX500 application

Optimize your end-to-end application testing with the R&S®CMX500

While other end-to-end testing setups consist of several external components, Rohde & Schwarz revolutionizes this setup with the R&S®CMX500. To create a consolidated solution, the entire data servers and tools were moved into the tester, offering a unique integrated solution for application testing. All tests and measurements can be carried out manually in the graphical user interface R&S®CMsquares, they can be built as test sequences in the integrated Sequencer tool or remotely controlled via XLAPI and SCPI interfaces.

Watch the video and see how you can simplify your test setup and enjoy best reproducibility and stability, wherever you need it.

Discover the new 5G test equipment


R&S®CMX500 Radio Communication Tester

The R&S®CMX500 radio communication tester brings extensive device testing capabilities to the market, covering standalone (SA), non-standalone (NSA), TDD, FDD, FR1 and FR2.

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R&S®CMPQ 5G mmWave RF test solution

5G devices operating in the mmWave range (FR2) require OTA testing approaches. The Rohde & Schwarz solution is the compact R&S®CMPQ.

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R&S®CMsquares unified test software

A new unified user experience concept that simplifies 5G device testing. It allows combining various measurement tasks, such as RF parametric testing, callbox testing, protocol testing and end-to-end (E2E) testing.

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5G is born

Infographic: 5G is born

From the introduction of the 5G standard to the development of compatible test setups – we take you on a journey through the birth of 5G testing

Download the 5G testing infographics and join us on the journey.

Webinar: How to successfully test todays 5G automotive connectivity - Teaser

Webinar: How to successfully test todays 5G automotive connectivity with R&S®CMX500

In this webinar you will learn more about the basics of 5G network topologies and its challenges for RF and protocol stack testing.

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5G New Radio digital book

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