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R&S®TSME Device Manager

Windows PC tool to manage the R&S TSME: read device info, show and install options, change IP and band settings


Supported OS: Win7 x86 / x64

Host PC LAN adapter settings (cf. R&S TSME user manual for details)

- Speed 1.0 Gbit LAN      

- Fixed IP Address

--- The R&S TSME is shipped with the default IP address

--- It is recommended to apply the following address setting for the TCP/IPv4 connection

--- IP Address:

--- Sub Net Mask:

--- 9k Jumbo Frames and Flow Control must be enabled for the LAN adapter

Usage: (cf. R&S TSME user manual for a detailed description of this software tool )

1. Download file into a local directory

2. If there is a previous installation of "R&S TsmeTools" on the PC, please first uninstall the current version

    -> Control Panel -> Programs -> Uninstall a Program -> R&S Tsme Tools

3. Run the installation file setup-RS-TsmeTools-

4. Connect the R&S TSME via LAN cable to the host PC and switch the device on

5. Take care that no other process is interfacing the R&S TSME at the same time.

6. Start the TsmeDeviceManager.exe from START - R&S TsmeTools

7. The program window will open and automatically detect any connected R&S TSME.

The TSME tools installer also includes the latest TSME manual, TSME SW Options installation manual and a TSME ping utility.


Windows Firewall

When starting the TmseDeviceManager.exe for the first time, Windows Firewall may ask for allowance.

Allow communication for all kind of networks (Domain/Home/Public).

Changing the Windows firewall settings requires a restart of the TsmeDeviceManager tool.

132 MB V Sep 17, 2018
R&S®TSMW-K1 Release Note Version 582 kB V Aug 22, 2016
R&S®TSMW-K1 Version

Unpack zip file into a temporary directory on the PC and start the TSMW_K1_setup.exe to run the TSMW-K1 setup.

201 MB V Aug 22, 2016

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