R&S®AMU200A - Applications (43)

Type, Title AN-No. Date
R&S ARB Toolbox 1GP88 13-Dec-2018
RSCommander 1MA074 24-Dec-2017
How to use Rohde & Schwarz Instruments in MATLAB 1MA171 12-Jun-2017
LTE-A Base Station Transmitter Tests 1MA154 11-May-2016
R&S®VISA 1DC02 27-Oct-2015
LTE Downlink MIMO Verification with R&S®SMW200A and R&S®FSW 1MA143 09-Oct-2014
Testing LTE-Advanced 1MA166 03-Sep-2014
Remote Operation of Windows Based T&M Instruments with Android Tablets 1MA236 22-Aug-2013
CPRI RE Testing 1GP78 05-Aug-2013
Assisting Tools for Operation of Windows-Based T&M Instruments 1MA218 13-Jun-2013
Connectivity of Rohde&Schwarz Signal Generators 1GP72 26-Apr-2013
Top Ten SCPI Programming Tips for Signal Generators 1GP79 26-Apr-2013
Generating Signals for WLAN 802.11ac 1GP94 26-Apr-2013
Simulating Fading with R&S® Vector Signal Generators 1GP99 26-Apr-2013
Testing HSPA+ 1MA121 26-Apr-2013
WLAN 802.11n: From SISO to MIMO 1MA179 26-Apr-2013
TETRA Measurements 1MA189 26-Apr-2013
Testing LTE Release 9 Features 1MA210 26-Apr-2013
Remote Operation of Windows Based T&M Instruments with Apple iPad 1MA216 28-Mar-2013
Development Hints and Best Practices for Using Instrument Drivers 1MA153 01-Jan-2013
Rohde & Schwarz Drivers under VEE - Installation and Troubleshooting 1MA035 20-Dec-2012
Testing FPGA-Based Hardware Emulators with Slow I/Q Signals 1GP95 10-Dec-2012
T&M solutions for software defined radios (SDR) 1MA206 15-Sep-2012
Using R&S instruments with Agilent ADS Software 1MA72 04-Aug-2012
Starting Successfully with the R&S®EX-IQ-Box 1MA168 23-May-2012
LTE Terminal Tests under Fading Conditions with R&S®CMW500 and R&S®AMU200A 1MA177 27-Mar-2012
Arbitrary Waveform Sequencing with Rohde & Schwarz Vector Signal Generators 1GP53 29-Feb-2012
PESQ® Measurement for WCDMA with R&S®CMUgo 1MA137 05-Jan-2012
PESQ® Measurement for CDMA2000® with R&S®CMUgo 1MA136 05-Jan-2012
Additional Tests on CDMA2000® Mobile Stations in Accordance with Standard TIA-98 1MA86 05-Jan-2012
VAMOS Technology Introduction 1MA181 17-Aug-2011
Importing Data in ARB, Custom Digital Modulation and RF List Mode 1GP62 22-Dec-2010
Connectivity of R&S® Test Solutions with AWR® Visual System Simulator™ (VSS) 1MA174 20-May-2010
Carrier Aggregation for IEEE 802.16m. Signal Generation and Analysis 1MA173 22-Mar-2010
Guidelines for MIMO Test Setups – Part 1 1GP50 10-Mar-2010
Measurements on RFID Components According to ISO/IEC 14443 Standard 1MA113 25-Jan-2010
Guidelines for MIMO Test Setups – Part 2 1GP51 14-Oct-2009
DVB-T - Bursted Noise Signal Generation 1MA51 08-Jul-2009
Introduction to MIMO 1MA142 02-Jul-2009
Converting Existing Waveform Files from R&S®AMIQ or Binary into R&S®SMU200A or R&S®AFQ100A Format 1GP64 18-Jun-2009
Path Compensation for MS Fading Tests 1MA135 09-Jan-2009
GDE Test Sequencer 1MA83 15-Dec-2008
WiMAX: IEEE 802.16e-2005 Introduction to OFDMA Measurements 1EF58 23-May-2007
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