Vocational Training Germany

High school students

Today’s high school students are our colleagues of tomorrow.

Rohde & Schwarz has been investing in the German educational system by seamlessly running its vocational training program since 1934. Thousands of young people have joined our organization after finishing their secondary education to begin their training in different professional branches. They spend between two and four years on their vocational training and then often move on to more exquisite study programs within Rohde & Schwarz.

Our vocational training has brought forth excellent and dedicated colleagues. The fact that Rohde & Schwarz trainees have been among the best in Germany for many years can also be attributed to their solid and individual training. The young employees are fully integrated into the regular working routines of the company and take on responsibility at a very early stage.

Excellence is not a matter of age. We believe in curious minds, ambition and the human urge to keep on learning and evolving.