Bluetooth® LE devices – complete RF characterization

The R&S®CMW Wideband Radio Communication Tester offers an elaborate parametric test concept, including all RF test cases up to Bluetooth®5, that makes this flexible test platform ideal for designing and verifying Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) circuitsand modules.

Your task

Short time to market, cost reduction and high performance are the perpetual goals for developers of Bluetooth® enabled products. The individual product requirements are typically the basis for the decision of whether to integrate a ready-to-use module or a chip and an appropriate antenna.

Bluetooth® enabled products need to comply with the standards and regulatory requirements in order to ensure compatibility with other Bluetooth® devices. Bluetooth® SIG and national certification bodies demand official certification from a test laboratory, accredited by Bluetooth SIG (BQTF) and the respective country, before a new product can be put on the market

T&M solution

The R&S®CMW Wideband Radio Communication Testers from Rohde & Schwarz are one-box instruments that support all the different stages – from development and precertification to production. Bluetooth® SIG has listed the R&S®CMW as a qualified product for RF testing.

The test setup is easy and straightforward. Using the direct test mode of Bluetooth® LE, the R&S®CMW simply configures the device to transmit and receive test packets. The multi-evaluation mode significantly reduces test time by using an identical sampling data set for parallel transmitter measurements such as power, modulation, spectrum and others. This provides a more detailed overview of the transmitter functions since all measured parameters are correlated. For even more detailed analysis, it is possible to zoom into one of these measurements. The R&S®CMW tester’s very fast spectrum measurements help optimize development time.

The R&S®CMW also performs the BT RF test cases for prequalification purposes, including the in-band emissions test. Some test cases require an additional signal generator such as the R&S®SGS100A RF source. The R&S®CMWrun sequencer software tool can be used to fully automate the Bluetooth® LE prequalification tests.

The user-friendly R&S®CMW test setup efficiently performs all Bluetooth® measurements, from complex lab tests and prequalification tests to fast production line testing.

Its flexible and wide variety of hardware and software options ensure the best fit for every test and measurement requirement, for example additional testing of Bluetooth® classic signaling and non-signaling, WLAN and cellular standards such as LTE/LTE-A, WCDMA and GSM with one instrument.

R&S®CMW multi-evaluation mode significantly reduces test time.
R&S®CMW multi-evaluation mode significantly reduces test time.

Key features of R&S®CMW and R&S®CMWrun

  • Qualified by Bluetooth® SIG for RF measurements
  • Very fast spectrum measurements
  • Bluetooth® 5 (PHY: LE 1M, LE 2M and LE coded), stable modulation index (SMI) support
  • Support of all test cases of RF PHY Bluetooth® test specification, even the in-band emissions test
  • Future-ready platform solution
Typical test setup for Bluetooth® LE enabled devices
Typical test setup for Bluetooth® LE enabled devices

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