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Connection of R&S ScopeSuite to RTO/RTP fails


Yesterday I could work with the Scope Suite software without problems.
But today when I want to start a test, I get that error message:

"An error occured while running..."

What goes wrong here?


Such a problem may happen if the TCPIP address of the RTO/RTP has been changed.
That is not automatically detected from the R&S Scope Suite.

At the RTO/RTP you can find the current TCPIP address if you press the key "SETUP"
At R&S Scope Suite go to "Settings" --> "Oscilloscope" and check if the address is correct:


If not, please correct it and click on "Get Instrument Information"
Now you should be able to continue with testing.

If the response for "Get Instrument Information" takes quite long, there are problems with the network connection between the PC and the Oscilloscope.