Ensuring high-quality voice communications for safe and secure airspace operation

Presented by Jindirch Slavik, Francesco Gualtieri and guests


Excellent voice quality in ATC networks is crucial for safe and secure ATC operations. This webinar will therefore provide an overview of how to handle typical challenges with the help of Rohde & Schwarz experts with many years of experience. The webinar will cover impairments such as SQL drops, SQL flooding and frequency overload as well as how to take advantage of steady RF loopback monitoring.

The webinar also offers the chance to be part of a live demonstration about noise floor monitoring, channel utilization and overload detection, as well as the detection and monitoring of simultaneous transmissions (DSiT). It will also take a look at IP topics, including ground-ground voice quality monitoring on SBCs, steady air-ground network monitoring and session establishment monitoring. Many of the IP and RF issues can be automatically identified by the latest version of the market-unique R&S®AVQA advanced voice quality assurance system. R&S®AVQA provides information on the voice quality (MOS) and automatically identifies system issues and alerts the control room administrator. A short demonstration will cover the functionality and advantages.