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  • R&S®NRP-Z85 Wideband Power Sensor

    R&S®NRP-Z85 Wideband Power SensorTime domain analysis and automatic pulse analysis for radar applications and universal useOverview OptionsFeatures & BenefitsKey facts Measurement range: -60 dBm to +20 dBm Frequency range: 50 MHz to 40 GHz (50 MHz to 500 MHz with reduced video bandwidth) 2.92 connector Key factsMeasurement range: -60 dBm to +20 dBm Frequency range: 50 MHz to 40 GHz (50 MHz to

  • Wireless Communications Testers & Systems - Test & Measurement

    Wireless Communications Testers & SystemsWireless device testers, infrastructure testers, protocol testers, conformance and preconformance testers and systems.To keep the backbone of mobile communications running, powerful mobile networks and mobile devices are needed.Rohde & Schwarz offers a full portfolio of wireless communication testers and systems for the complex measurements involved. The

  • Firmware for R&S®NRP-Z85 Wideband Power Sensor

    Firmware for NRPZ85Title Versions Last Modified File Size R&S®NRP-Z11/-Z21/-Z22/-Z23/-Z24 - Firmware Version 4.16 (Please read the Release Notes carefully before you install the firmware on your instrument) V 4.16 02.02.2012608 kB R&S®NRP-Z11/-Z21/-Z22/-Z23/-Z24 - Release Notes Version 4.16 V 4.16 02.02.2012 370 kB R&S®NRP-Z28/-Z98 - Firmware Version 4.08a (Please read the Release Notes carefully

  • Software for R&S®NRP-Z85 Wideband Power Sensor

    Release Notes (1)Title Size Version Date NRPZ Sanitizer Release Notes 590 kB2.17.3 30.08.2018 Tool (15)Title Size Version Date R&S®NRPV Virtual Power Meter 3.2 Release Notes 458 kB3.2 04.10.2017 R&S®Power Viewer for MacOS 18 MB01/2019 03.01.2019 R&S®Power Viewer - Open Source Acknowledgement 214 kB04 09.07.2018 R&S®NRP-Toolkit for MacOS 407 kB01/2019 03.01.2019 R&S®NRP-Toolkit - Release Notes 798

  • Drivers for R&S®NRP-Z85 Wideband Power Sensor

    Each productDriver Information (3)File DescriptionDateRelated Content 26.09.2017 Driver rsnrpz history 31.07.2018 How to use the R&S®NRP-Z Instrument Drivers 01.08.2018 Instrument Drivers (5)Driver NameSizeVersionDateVXIplug&play x86 driver rsnrpz This driver packet is already included in NRP-Toolkit2 MB3.6.0.0 19.11.2018 LabVIEW 2010 x64 Windows driver rsnrpz 18 MB3.6.0.0 19.09.2018 LabVIEW 2010

  • Power Sensors

    range: -60 dBm to +20 dBm Frequency range: 50 MHz to 18 GHz N connectorR&S®NRP-Z85 Wideband Power SensorPeak power measurements of radar and mobile communications signals Measurement range: -60 dBm to +20 dBm Frequency range: 50 MHz to 40 GHz 2,92 mm connectorR&S®NRP-Z86 Wideband Power SensorPeak power measurements of radar and mobile communications signals Measurement range: -60 dBm to +20 dBm

  • Power Meter & Voltmeter - Test & Measurement

    Power Meter & VoltmeterPower sensors, power meters, directional power meters and voltmetersPower meters, power sensors and volt meters from Rohde & Schwarz stand for highest measurement accuracy and reliability – and have done so for decades.Rohde & Schwarz power sensors are intelligent standalone instruments with a flexible connection concept. The comprehensive USB-capable sensor portfolio is

  • Verification & Conformance Testing

    Verification & Conformance TestingBuilding on its many years of experience in wireless communications test and measurement, Rohde & Schwarz can offer a complete portfolio of sophisticated solutions for the approval process of wireless devices. Solutions from Rohde & Schwarz reliably cover the test requirements of all conventional standardization, regulatory and certification bodies, as well as

  • Analyze your radar signals with wideband power sensors

    High sampling rate and automatic pulse analysis make the R&S®NRP-Z8x wideband power sensors ideal for time-domain analysis of radar pulses.

  • R&S®NRP-Z81, R&S®NRP-Z85, R&S®NRP-Z86 Operating Manual

    Describes all instrument functions and remote control commands, as well as measurement and programming examples.

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