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Whatever problem you have, our support center is there to help you. Your question will be dealt with fast and in detail. There are four support centers in different time zones: Munich, Washington, Latin America and Singapore. Support is available 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday excluding public holidays. The staff of our support center is optimally trained to assist you in solving your problems.

  • Are you looking for a special type of instrument?
  • Do you need competent support in the implementation of remote control concepts for test equipment for use in production?
  • Do you have a question regarding the operation of equipment?
  • Or do you just want to find your local sales partner in order to take a look at our equipment?

Customer Support Europe, Africa, Middle East

Phone +49 89 4129 12345

Customer Support North America

Phone 1-888-TEST-RSA (1-888-837-8772)

Customer Support Latin America

Phone +1-410-910-7988

Customer Support Asia/Pacific

Phone +65 65 13 04 88

Customer Support China

Phone +86-800-810-8228 / +86-400-650-5896

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