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Large area detection of malicious and non-cooperative drones

The increasing proliferation of malicious and non-cooperative drones around the world presents a major risk to personal privacy, air traffic safety and national security. Government and commercial customers therefore require reliable drone monitoring solutions that can monitor large areas of responsibility to automatically detect, locate and – if necessary – actively stop threats as soon as possible.

ARDRONIS Locate Compact is a compact, easy-to-use solution to protect large ares, such as airports, from malicious and non-cooperative drones. Capable of monitoring these large areas, it rapidly detects and determines the direction of analog and digital video downlink signals from almost any commercial drone currently available on the market. The new solution can also be integrated into a wider system-of-systems approach with other ARDRONIS solutions using 3G/4G connectivity for enhanced counter drone coverage.

This cost-effective solution allows customers to detect and identify all relevant UAS signals. This solution will support use cases including VIP and event protection; airport, border and prison security; and expeditionary operations.

Key features of ARDRONIS Locate Compact

ARDRONIS Locate Compact is a fully integrated solution that features the R&S®UMS400 universal monitoring system and R&S®ADD207 compact UHF/SHF DF antenna. It monitors the 400 MHz to 6 GHz frequency range and can detect threats more than 5 km away.

System components are mounted on a single mast, meaning the ARDRONIS Locate Compact can be quickly and easily integrated on permanent structures for long-term tasks as well as on board semi-mobile solutions for short-term operations.

The solution can be operated by a single end user and is IP67 rated to withstand inclement weather conditions, including temperatures between –30 °C and +55 °C.

To support a variety of emerging customer requirements, ARDRONIS Locate Compact can be expanded through software upgrades and optional add-ons that enable the detection of WLAN controlled drones.

ARDRONIS solutions

ARDRONIS is a family of counter-drone solutions specifically designed to support the operational requirements of law enforcement, defence and other civil/government agencies and authorities.


Providing accurate detection and classification of any type of drone.

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ARDRONIS Locate Compact

Suitable for large area detection of malicious and non-cooperative drones.

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ARDRONIS Locate Advanced

End users benefit from automatic detection and identification of radio-controlled drones.

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Detects commercial drones, automatically classifies signals and determines the direction of a threat.

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