Drone and drone pilot with remote control at an airport

Countering drones

Detect and defend remote-controlled drones

Drones, that fly above prohibited areas are an increasing security risk. Remote-controlled drones repeatedly violated the privacy of people and the boundaries of protected areas. Some careless drone pilots may not be aware that they present a danger to people and property. Additionally there are operators who knowingly engage in illegal activities – for example, invasion of privacy, smuggling and industrial espionage. Regardless of the drone pilot’s intension, drones pose a serious security risk.

Rohde & Schwarz offers ARDRONIS as ideal approach for the demanding applications in drone monitoring and countermeasures. It meets the challenges of countering radio¬controlled drones by intercepting the radiocommunications link to reliably detect and capture the direction of pilots and drones.

ARDRONIS further is part of the drone defense system GUARDION, a cooperation of Rohde & Schwarz, ESG and Diehl Defence.

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Multiple use cases for customer segments

Law enforcement

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Critical infrastructure

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ARDRONIS solutions

ARDRONIS is a family of counter-drone solutions specifically designed to support the operational requirements of law enforcement, defence and other civil/government agencies and authorities.


Providing accurate detection and classification of any type of drone.

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ARDRONIS Locate Compact

Suitable for large area detection of malicious and non-cooperative drones.

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ARDRONIS Locate Advanced

End users benefit from automatic detection and identification of radio-controlled drones.

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Detects commercial drones, automatically classifies signals and determines the direction of a threat.

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Guardion: Mission-proven counter-UAS system

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ARDRONIS solutions

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