Conducted beamforming test applications

Conducted beamforming test applications

Verifying beamforming antenna circuitry

Easy-to-use test and measurement solutions simplify and speed up this process

The overall system of a beamforming antenna can only operate as effectively as its driving electronics allow. For 5G mmWave (FR2), typical RF implementation uses highly integrated beamformer ICs that allows cost-effective scaling of the antenna arrays to improve the directivity and antenna gain in the direction of the main lobe. The latest standards also offer system-level gain using MIMO and massive MIMO approaches. Using signals from multiple MIMO channels improves system capacity and stability. Rohde & Schwarz offers test and measurement solutions for verifying beamforming antenna circuitry.

Highlighted applications

5G NR MIMO signal analysis

An easy-to-set-up test solution for high speed multichannel acquisition of 5G NR massive MIMO and beamforming signals.

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Verify beamformer ICs for phased array antennas

Integrated beamformer ICs reduce the size of the antenna feed electronics. Multiport network analyzers simplify the test setup.

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Testing of LTE beamforming

MIMO improves the throughput, extends the reach, reduces interference and improves the signal to interference plus noise ratio (SINR) with beamforming.

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Case Study MixComm

Case Study: MixComm

Addressing new challenges in mmWave device characterization and validation through unique process.

Phase Coherence Measurements with R&S®NRQ6

Demystifying 5G – How to generate and analyze 5G NR TDD signals?

Detailed signal analysis performed by R&S FSW signal and spectrum analyzer. The video demonstrates how to generate the uplink portion of a 5G NR TDD signal.

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