Poster: 6G - from mmWave to Terahertz

The semiconductor industry faces the challenge of creating components that can generate high output power at exceptionally high frequencies. The growing demand for increased bandwidth adds another layer of complexity. Power amplifiers, typically in the form of monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMIC), are crucial elements in wireless and imaging systems. These circuits significantly impact the overall system performance, influencing factors such as output power, efficiency, bandwidth, linearity and noise. Ongoing basic research aims to develop semiconductor materials that are suitable for terahertz (THz) frequencies, with an emphasis on effective mass production.

Our poster covers:

  • New frequency regions for 6G: meeting the demand for extremely high data rates
  • Understanding new frequencies for further development: verifying and fine-tuning channel models for sub-THz
  • 6G uses cases that require extremely high data rates: estimated first use cases of THz communication

THz communications promises to be indispensable as a 6G building block, not only for meeting the target requirements for maximum throughput and minimal latencies but also for producing exciting new applications. Future use cases include holographic communications, extended reality (XR) and digital twinning.

Learn about this key enabler for 6G with an informative, attractive poster - perfect for the lab or your personal workspace!