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How to configure EMC32 for a new Antenna


For radiated emissions test I would like to change the antenna factors to another antenna. Would it be possible to get a step by step guide as to how to create a new radiated emissions test using my EMI Test Receiver receiver with a new antenna? I believe I have to save the new antenna factors in a file under Correction Tables\Transducer? This is where other antenna factors have been already stored.


If you Re-run an existing Test, you do this with the Antenna Correction Factors you have defined for this Test.

If you have new Antenna data, you have to run a New Test from Test Template. EMC32 configuration is always from bottom to up. This does mean, you have to create a new correction factor, first. After this, you have to add this Correction Factor to your Antenna device using Device List. After this, you can use this Antenna Device in Hardware Setup. Test Template is based on Hardware Setup.

With this example, I add a transducer correction table with destination unit dBuV/m for Antenna HL562E using EMC32 Explorer and right mouse click.

Now, you can complete the table with your Antenna correction data. In my example it is a table with typical data for HL562E. If you need destination unit dBuV/m, the data you need from our individual calibration report is Antenna Factor dB (1/m)

Now, you can add a new Antenna to EMC32 Device List (open from menu: 'Extras' => 'Device List') and rename it according to your needs.

Open the Device and add the antenna correction factors.

Don't forget to close all dialogs with OK, to save the changes.
Now, you have to add the new Antenna to your EMI radiated Hardware Setup with a right mouse click on the antenna symbol:

Save changes with Ok. From now, you are able to use the antenna in all linked EMI Scan Templates.