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Rohde & Schwarz security solutions

Technologies for physical and cyber security

Ensuring security and public safety

In today’s interconnected world, cyber and physical security pose significant challenges for governmental organizations and public safety. These challenges are constantly evolving with the emergence of new technologies. Detecting and preventing potential threats require expertise and advanced, innovative solutions. Rohde & Schwarz addresses these needs by offering a comprehensive range of turnkey security solutions. We support organizations in maintaining the highest levels of security and safety.

Our portfolio spans solutions for:

  • Businesses (asset protection)
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Governmental authorities
  • Intelligence agencies
  • Security scanner portfolio

Security screening solutions

Rohde & Schwarz offers industry-leading security scanners that redefine standards for safety and efficiency. Our security screening solutions are designed to be fast, non-intrusive and respectful of individual privacy, making them ideal for use in public safety settings.

Our scanners use AI-based algorithms that can be trained to target object classes of any kind: metals, liquids, ceramics, plastics, granulates, powders, organics and much more. This allows the scanners to not only keep up with evolving threat scenarios but also meet specific customer requirements. It also does not limit itself to the particular objects it was trained with, instead detecting anomalies in general to discover new and unknown threats.

Rohde & Schwarz security solutions

Networks and cybersecurity

Our secure networks & cybersecurity solutions meet the individual demands in various industries. Learn more about our offering for the public sector, the healthcare sector, commercial businesses, as well as our holistic solutions for network security and optimized connections within and between branch offices.

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Security screening

Evolving security threats in an ever-changing environment call for innovative advanced and customizable solutions that meet these demanding challenges. The well established security scanners from Rohde & Schwarz protect people and assets.

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Governmental security

Governmental security: Security and surveillance solutions to enhance national security, detect organized crime, and ensure citizen safety.

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