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What is the VISA Resource Name of the Smart Instruments?


I want to remote-control the Smart Instruments. What is the VISA resource name of the Smart Instruments?


Here is a list with the VISA resource names of the Smart Instruments. You have to replace <Ser. No.> by the individual serial number of your Smart Instrument.

AM300 => USB::0x0AAD::0x0005::<Ser. No.>

FS300 => USB::0x0AAD::0x0006::<Ser. No.>

FS315 => USB::0x0AAD::0x0028::<Ser. No.>

SM300 => USB::0x0AAD::0x0007::<Ser. No.>

UP350 => USB::0x0AAD::0x0008::<Ser. No.>