Switched-mode power supply design with saturated inductors

Presented by Leonardo Nanetti and Prof. Nicola Femia

Webinar: Switched-mode power supply design with saturated inductors

Join this Industrial expert talk webinar, introducing switch mode power supply designs, modeling & test concepts

Using inductors under controlled saturation can provide essential benefits in particular for high power-density switched mode power supplies. This webinar introduces both the theory and shows practical aspects. In includes as well: Power inductors test and measurement techniques. Components models. Design methods with emphasis on predictability and reliability of inductors operation under controlled saturation

Speaker: Prof. Nicola Femia. Nicola Femia received the Laurea Degree with honors in Electronic Engineering from the University of Salerno, in 1988. He is currently Professor at the University of Salerno, where he teaches Power Electronics, Energetic Intelligence, Green Energy Digital Control in the Electronic Engineering and Computer Engineering Master Programs. His research activities encompass circuit theory and applications, design and optimization of switching power supplies, magnetic power components modeling and optimization, power electronics and control techniques, wireless power transfer systems. He has co-authored about 180 scientific papers, six patents and one book on power electronics topics.