Component and 5G NR base station testing in production

The R&S PVT360A is an integrated vector signal generator and analyzer with two TRX channels. Covering a frequency range up to 8 GHz, all 5G FR1 bands are covered. The instrument is tailored for base station, small cell and active component testing in production and characterization environments, offering dedicated measurement personalities for 5G NR and more. With the R&S VSE signal explorer software, amplifiers can be characterized in depth. ACLR, raw EVM, gain compression and many more results can be measured from a single capture using almost any input signal – whether mobile comms, satellite or just a ramp signal. With the option to calculate and apply pre-distorted waveforms within the measurement option, the spectral performance and EVM gains can be evaluated when applying a DPD algorithm. In parallel a second measurement can be carried out on the second analyzer generator pair of the R&S PVT360A.

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