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Rohde & Schwarz boasts a long history in Greece, where it has been present since 1980. Its subsidiary, Rohde & Schwarz Hellas SA, has been in operation since 2007. Located in Athens (Maroussi), the office is strategically positioned, closed to most of its Greek customers and partners.

All of the employees of Rohde & Schwarz Hellas SA focus on the customer and his ultimate service. From its establishment up until today, the subsidiary has successfully realized and supported major telecommunications projects throughout Greece with continuous technical and sales support. Legal and financial services are outsourced for the sake of an utmost flexible local establishment.

Moreover, as of July 2013, Rohde & Schwarz Hellas is also responsible for sales and service of Rohde & Schwarz products for the market of Cyprus.

At Rohde & Schwarz Hellas, we maintain the company’s reputation as a state-of-the-art high-tech supplier by offering supreme level of services. This is ensured by our direct access to company’s headquarters in Munich, enabling us to operate successfully in the Greek market.

The three key elements of success that differentiate Rohde & Schwarz Hellas from our competitors are:

1. Local Presence in Greece
Our local presence in Greece (Level 1 support directly next to the customer’s premises): Rohde & Schwarz has been successful in Greece for the last five years throughout its presence, while most of our competitors prefer the “oversea business with/without distributors” model.

2. Immediate Customer Access
We are within short range (two-hour flight) of Rohde & Schwarz Headquarters and can therefore provide immediate access to the customers and Level 2-3 support, whenever deemed necessary.

3. Network of Reliable Partners
Our network of reliable technical partners throughout Greece allows us to cover all customer project requirements.

It’s no wonder, during these few years of operation, we have managed to attract and collaborate with a number of highly reputable customers in the Broadcasting field, such as Mega Channel, Star Channel, Forthnet Group and of course Digea and ERT. As for the military sector, the Hellenic Armed Forces have been the customer of Rohde & Schwarz for the last 3 decades. In the telecom market, OTE Group, Cosmote, Intracom, and Vodafone are four of our major customers along with several others leading players. Moreover, the fact that we have won most of the contracts for the supply of equipment needed in National Academic Institutions, through the participation in public announced tenders, is more than worth mentioning. Last but not least, the national regulatory authority for post commission and telecommunications is a strategic customer of Rohde & Schwarz in Greece with a Radiomonitoring network supplied by us.

In Rohde & Schwarz Hellas we act as partners and not simply as suppliers. Our present collaborations not only affirm the successful partnerships and projects of our company in Greece up until today but also foreshadow the many more prosperous ones to come.

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