1MA62: Remote Setup for 3G High Dynamic Multi Charrier Signals with SMIQ03HD and FSU / FSQ

Testing multi carrier power amplifiers of the 3rd Generation requires test signals with a high dynamic range. This application note describes how a 4 carrier 3G WCDMA signal can be generated and measured with the application software SET_MC4. The software sets up to 4 SMIQ03HDs to generate the signal, and an FSU or FSQ to immediately evaluate and analyze the Adjacent Channel Leakage Ratio (ACLR) of the power amplifier. The setups are controlled remotely.
The SET_MC4 source code is also included. Modify the code to meet your individual requirements or adopt the IEEE-commands into your own setup script.

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1MA62_0e_remote_setup_3G_high_dynamic_multi_charrier_sign.pdf Application Note English 0e 13.12.2002 730 kB
1ma62_13.exe Application Note File English 1.3 13.12.2002 2 MB
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