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ELEKTRA Remote Control, Test Receiver does not show Limit Line and Transducer


I have installed R&S®ELEKTRA to control my Test Receiver. When I start a new Test based on EMI Scan Template, I do not see the corresponding Limit Line or a Transducer on the Test Receiver display. As soon as the measurement is finished, the Limit Line is displayed on the Test Receiver, why is that?


If the Test Receiver is controlled by ELEKTRA, there is no Transducer conversion and unit conversion on the the Test Receiver. The Receiver is always working with the basic unit dBuV.

ELEKTRA queries the uncorrected raw data from the Receiver. ELEKTRA has its own PC-based capabilities. This means that ELEKTRA adds the factors to the values transmitted via the remote interface. The same applies to data reduction based on specified Limit Line. The capabilities of ELEKTRA are more comprehensive than those of your Test Receiver.

If you start a new Test with ELEKTRA, it is OK if neither a Limit Line nor Transducer factors are taken into account at the Test Receiver. Please watch the display on your PC. The correct measurement result display takes place in ELEKTRA, the displays on the receiver are not relevant. The valid measurement result is displayed in the Graphic of your ELEKTRA application .

At the end of the measurement, the used Limit Line and the transducer of the last subranges is programmed into the Receiver. This is a feature and allows you to do a manual measurements without completely redoing all settings on the instrument. If you start a new scan on the instrument, you will receive comparable measured values.