Satellite testing

Satellite testing

Navigate the complex challenges of the earth's orbit

High-confidence satellite test solutions for the entire value-chain

Empowering satellite missions in a dynamic industry landscape

At Rohde & Schwarz, we support the satellite industry with our expertise and tailored test and measurement solutions. This includes assisting industry players in meeting the requirements for a complete test path to achieve flawless system performance, ensuring conformity to the latest technologies and standards. Additionally, we offer comprehensive services, consultancy, and integrated test solutions for efficient test execution.

The transition to smaller satellites is driven by technological advancements and a quest for cost-effectiveness. Small satellites, equipped with smarter and more compact subsystems, are gradually replacing the need for their larger counterparts. This shift is not only reshaping the industry but also democratizing access to space, as the lower manufacturing costs of small satellites pave the way for mass production.

We enable the transformation of the satellite industry with innovative test solutions for new technology trends, including:

  • Satellite-enabled IoT for extended connectivity across industries
  • Electronically steerable array (ESA) antennas for beamforming and better agility
  • Advanced digital, reconfigurable and/or regenerative payload systems for a more flexible and efficient use of satellite resources
  • Very high throughput satellites (VHTS) for higher data rates and more efficient spectrum utilization
  • 5G/6G non-terrestrial networks (NTN) to complement terrestrial networks, offering applications such as backhaul, in-flight connectivity, 3D networks and coverage of remote areas
  • Digitalization of ground systems to improve interoperability and maintainability

From the design to the R&D and production of a satellite, testing must be carried out at every stage. Assembly, Integration and Test (AIT) describes the sequence of necessary steps in production, needed to ensure the function and performance of the individual subsystems and systems, as well as their compatibility with the overall system.

Our satellite testing solutions

Satellite payload testing

Test and measurement solutions for development, verification and production of satellite payload and communication sub-systems and systems.

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Satellite user terminal testing

Test and measurement solutions for satellite user-terminal development, verification and production.

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Satellite in-orbit testing

Solutions for link-planning, in-orbit testing, performance verification and monitoring.

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Satellite ground station testing

Test and measurement as well as security solutions for teleport and satellite network operators.

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5G NTN satellite testing

5G NTN test solutions for satellite infrastructure and mobile devices.

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GNSS and navigation testing

Solutions for generating realistic GNSS scenarios.

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Rohde & Schwarz products for satellite testing

Spectrum and signal analyzers

Innovative VSAs for development, qualification and production of satellite systems.

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Vector network analyzers

High-performance VNAs for development, qualification and production of satellite systems.

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Vector signal generators

Industry-leading VSGs for development, qualification and production of satellite systems.

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Featured satellite testing resources

New App note: Coexistence of 5G and satellite services in the C band

Frequency allocation plans are under discussion in the US and Europe to open the lower C band for 5G applications. This portion of the spectrum provides 5G with more bandwidth than conventional lower mobile frequency bands and is contiguous while the C band is actually in use for satellite downlinks to satellite earth stations (SES).

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White paper | 5G NTN takes flight: Technical overview of 5G non-terrestrial networks

Download this publication to get a thorough overview of the major aspects of 5G non-terrestrial networks technology and corresponding challenges.

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White paper: Mastering the challenges of NewSpace satellite constellations

Download our white paper to dig deeper into measurement techniques for NewSpace satellites and terminals.

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White paper: NewSpace gateway and user terminal testing challenges

Download our whitepaper to learn more about NewSpace user terminals, testing challenges and testing solutions.

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