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NRX set measurement result as reference value for relative measurement via remote control


With the NRX how can I set a measurement result directly as a reference value for relative measurement via remote control?


With the following command you start a process to set the next measurement result a reference value for relative measurements:

CALCulate<Measurement>:RELative<DirectionalChannel>:STATe SET

This means, after this command you have to initiate a new measurement and the result of this measurement will be used as reference value for the following relative measurements.

Here a little command sequence as example:

// Reset the device
// Switch to single measurement
INITiate:CONTinuous OFF
// Switch on relative measurement and use the next measurement value as reference value
CALCulate:RELative1:STATe SET
// Initiate a measurement. This is for the reference value.
// Now the system is ready for relative measurement