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Stop a Measurement, Save the Test and Continue the Measurement Later.


I would like to stop a long measurement, save the test and continue the measurement later. Is this possible?


It is possible to stop a measurement and continue it later (e.g. after rebooting your PC).

Please proceed as follows:

1.) Start your EMC32 measurement.

2.) Stop your EMC32 measurement before it is finished.

3.) Leave the "Measurement Mode".

4.) Save your test.

5.) Close your test.

6.) If you wish to restart the measurement, start EMC32 and open the saved

test again.

7.) Switch to "Measurement Mode".

8.) Select "Make a copy of the active result table only".

9.) On the left-hand side of the display, you will find the explorer for the "Test

Components". There you will find the "Result Table" of your previous

measurement. Please click the result table. You can copy the result table

to the empty graphics window by means of "Drag&Drop".

10.) After confirming with "OK", you will see the previous measurement in the

graphics window.

11.) Use the mouse to go to the last measurement value displayed (the

mouse pointer will change from an arrow to a cross).

12.) Use "Drag&Drop" to copy this value with the mouse to the input dialog

"Current Frequency" (at the right-hand side of the display).

13.) Click .the "Start Scan/Sweep" icon.

14.) EMC32 will continue the test at the current frequency.