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Submit frequency and level from EMC32 to Vector CANoe?


I have installed EMC32-S with option EMC32-K1 on my PC. Is it possible to submit frequency and test level from EMC32 to Vector CANoe?


With the EMCAN32 software (included on the EMC32 CD-ROM and available with download CD image), EMC32 can communicate with Vector CANoe / CANalyzer, directly. In addition to monitoring on the CAN bus, EMCAN32 allows data exchange of Environment Variables, e.g. the frequency or the test level. Please see screenshot from EMCAN software.

EMCAN software

In this setup typically two controllers are used since the CANoe / CANalyzer application typically requires the complete resources of a single controller. Additionally this configuration allows to already prepare the test setup on the CANoe / CANalyzer controller where the EMC32 controller is free for different purpose. Here EMCAN32 (installed on EMC32 PC) acts as an interface application between both software packages, EMC32 and CANoe / CANalyzer.