CAN bus debugging with an oscilloscope

Webinar: CAN bus debugging with an oscilloscopes

This webinar explores the topic of debugging CAN bus interfaces by using an oscilloscope. We will be talking about topics such as sources of bus errors, EMI debug correlation with protocol decode, boot cycle testing, application specific triggering, eye measurements and more.

Attendees of the webinar will gain insightful knowledge about probing, physical layer testing, error detection, bus error statistics and bus data trace analysis.

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Dr. Ernst Flemming is a director of oscilloscope product management at Rohde & Schwarz in Munich, Germany. He studied physics at the University of Tübingen and University of Kaiserslautern in Germany, and at the McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario in Canada. He is currently focusing on test and measurement requirements stimulated by the use of bus systems in the automotive and automation industry.

Dr. Ernst Flemming