How to successfully test todays 5G automotive connectivity

Presented by Manuel Galozy and Christian Hof

Webinar: How to successfully test todays 5G automotive connectivity

Todays vehicles are not only “simple” machines for transportation, they are highend smartphones on wheels with critical requirements towards RF characteristics and modem protocol stack behaviours.

Connected vehicles offer a wide range of vehicle applications based on the existing 2G, 3G and LTE technology as well as emerging 5G NR networks. From infotainment features over vehicle manufacturer applications with backend communication (e.g. OTA firmware updates) to automatic emergency call (eCall), more and more services are becoming available in vehicles.

Developments for connected vehicles present new challenges for suppliers and car manufacturers to ensure good user experience and performance of the in-vehicle features for the driver and the passenger. Automotive test solutions from Rohde&Schwarz help to optimize all aspects of automotive 5G connectivity.

This webinar explains the basics of 5G network topologies and its challenges for RF and protocol stack testing. It covers the R&S®CMX500 test concepts for testing backend connectivity including maximum IP data end-to-end tests but also failure conditions such as network reject or EPS-Fallback scenarios. A Q&A session concludes the webinar.

You will learn about:

  • the basic technical parameters of the 5G network technology
  • connectivity testing challenges and how to overcome them (based on a R&S®CMX500 communication network tester)
  • the advantages of the optimized IP and server infrastructure of the R&S®CMX500 for best reproducibility and stability
  • the challenges and a live-demo of maximum throughput tests
  • a use case of network reject and EPS-Fallback tests