Poster about test and measurement solutions for automotive radar applications

Test and measurement solutions for automotive radar solutions - poster

With the fast evolution towards autonomous driving, radar will play a role as one of the key sensors for ensuring the reliable functioning of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS). Radar will evolve from simple object recognition to advanced target separation and 3D scenario detection with full 360° view.

Thanks to its different operating frequency, automotive radar creates perfect redundancy together with other complementary ADAS sensors such as cameras, lidar, ultrasonic, etc. Learn more about the strengths and evolution of high-resolution imaging radar and its expected market growth.

Get a comprehensive overview of the typical technical specifications and frequency bands of automotive radar, as well as the development of new modulation schemes.

To overcome the challenges with the development and production of automotive radar modules, such as:

  • radar signal analysis
  • material analysis for radomes and bumpers
  • interference and compliance testing
  • radar calibration

Rohde & Schwarz provides trusted test solutions, best-in-class calibration and measurement tools as well as high frequency expertise.

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