Radar signal quality for the automotive industry

Automotive radar signal analysis and generation

Signal analysis for high-frequency radar signals

The trend of increasing bandwidths – today up to 4GHz – allows a better object recognition than ever before. Rohde & Schwarz solutions characterize radar signals and components to improve the reliability of autonomous driving vehicles.

Due to the way radars operate, using radar based sensors to recognize the environment will only be as precise as the transmission signal. It is therefore very important to have a linear, low-noise signal for FMCW radars. The Rohde & Schwarz Signal and Transient Analysis Software ensures that these high requirements for the transmission signal are met.

Important key parameters such as chirp rate, length and deviation are automatically analyzed and presented in an easy-to-understand table. The individual chirps and their parameters are also displayed graphically, enabling intuitive and fast debugging.

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Benefits of our solutions

  • Up to 8.3 GHz of analysis bandwidth for the verification of wideband FMCW radars
  • Reduced risk by using products approved by Tier 1s and IC vendors and by aerospace and defense customers
  • Secure, future-proof investments in products from a supplier who strategically focuses on radar technology

Holger Gryska, Market Segment Manager Automotive Radar

"Radar is already the key sensor to enable safer and better ADAS functions with high innovation potential and possible resolution similar to today's Lidar. As an industry reference for high-performance RF test solutions, we enable our partners to excel in the development and integration of the next level of automotive radar sensors and modules."

Related products for Automotive radar signal analysis

R&S®FSW signal and spectrum analyzer

  • Unparalleled low phase noise and best sensitivity on the market
  • 8.3 GHz internal analysis bandwidth
  • 800 MHz real-time analysis bandwidth

Product information

R&S®RTP digital oscilloscope

  • Bandwidth: 4 GHz to 16 GHz
  • Max. sample rate: 40 Gsample/s
  • Max. memory depth: 3 Gpoints per channel

Product information

R&S®SMW200A vector signal generator

  • Frequency range up to 67 GHz (dual path: up to 44 GHz)
  • 2 GHz modulation bandwidth
  • Integrated fading with up to 800 MHz bandwidth and up to 8x8 MIMO

Product information

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eGuide: Analyzing radar signals with an oscilloscope

Learn more about an ideal lab setup, the radar signal channel analysis, the triggering and demodulation as well as the phase-measurements in multi-channels and the debugging of correlated radar signals.

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Application Card: Flexible use of oscilloscopes' trigger for accurate radar signal analysis

Oscilloscopes' wide analysis bandwidth and manifold trigger capabilities, make them a good fit to analyze radar signals for automotive applications.

Learn how to take advantage of the advanced oscilloscope trigger system and configure it to ensure accurate detection of signals of interest.

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Webinar: Automotive radar signal analysis

Join this webinar to understand the fundamental measurements required to analyse and verify radar signals, the range of test tools available and when to use them.

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White paper: UWB radar signal analysis

Advanced methods for analyzing ultra wide band automotive radar signals.

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App note: Automotive radar sensors

Transmit signal analysis and intereference tests.

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App note: Chrip analysis of radar signals

Multi-channel measurements on MIMO radar sensors and correlation with other signals e.g. power rails.

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App note: Wideband FMCW radar signal

Peak and mean power measurement on wideband FMCW radar signal.

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App card: Demodulating radar RF pulses with an oscilloscope

Demodulating radar RF pulses with an oscilloscope.

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