Design verification

Design verification

Power electronics design verification

Designing power converter involves a great deal of testing, both during design and production phases. This typically means balancing conflicting design goals. A key consideration is usually efficiency, but compliance to different standards is also essential. Another important aspect is safety, as testing must sometimes be carried out using hazardous voltages have to be performed, which calls for safe means of taking measurements.

To overcome these challenges, Rohde & Schwarz offers products and solutions for all phases of converter development from design phase up to compliance and production test.

Test solutions for converter design and verification

Safe debugging of embedded power supplies with isolated channels

Safety is a prime concern when measuring at high voltages. A power converter often has integrated microprocessors that control it, and debugging often means paying attention to both safety and power conversion at the same time. This application card describes how to ensure both requirements are met with Rohde & Schwarz oscilloscopes featuring isolated channels.

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Evaluating DC/DC converters for embedded applications

Many portable electronics use a buck-type DC/DC converter to generate the different supply voltages for CPUs, analog components or display and LED drivers. This application note evaluates the main dynamic behaviors of DC/DC buck converters, how they operate in a safe manner and meet their design goals.

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Verification of power sequencing

Measuring the switch-on/switch-off behavior of the numerous power voltages in modern CPUs or FPGAs is challenging, but necessary to enable an impeccable circuit design and flawless operation of the application. The Rohde & solution enables power-up and power-down testing and for monitoring power stability in both manual and automated test scenarios.

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Common mode noise analysis

Modern capacitive touchscreens are susceptible to common mode noise generated by external power supplies. Measuring and characterizing the common-mode noise of external power supplies in line with well-defined standards is therefore essential. Discover our solutions for flawless touchscreen operation.

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Safe wireless remote control

Measurements at high-voltage electronics like electronic drive systems of power converters require special measures for operator safety. The wireless remote control capability of the R&S®Scope Rider allows for full control of the instrument by just using a tablet or notebook pc and a web browser.

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Conducted emission limits

Most of today's electronic devices draw non sinusoidal current. This gives rise to harmonic currents injected back into the public supply system. These need to be checked on all devices with the CE marking. The R&S®HMC8015 Power Analyzer offers automated testing of limits for harmonic current emissions.

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Inrush current measurement

All electronic devices contain capacitive or inductive components that can cause a disproportionately high current while switching on the device. To properly assess these inrush currents, Rohde & Schwarz offers a solution with seamless acquisition and real-time signal processing as well as a high dynamic range.

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