Mobile network testing - network analytics service

Mobile network testing - network analytics services

Deliver better network performance and quality with Rohde & Schwarz network analytics services

Our experts from the network analytics services team offer mobile network benchmarking and new technology testing services on a global scale. These services will help you generate deep network insights, visibility of your own and competitors’ weak spots and recommendations for targeted improvements. Using a structured approach that addresses the complete network lifecycle, we provide a turnkey solution to define the project, deliver expert consultancy, acquire and analyze network data and then make recommendations. This enables you to make QoE-centric business decisions with confidence. Our holistic approach includes provision of our own test solutions, application of ETSI-approved methodology, and access to our global network of Rohde & Schwarz experts and strategic partners. As a result, we ensure support you anywhere, using the best experts in each specific field.

Our customers include top-tier mobile network operators, regulatory authorities, infrastructure vendors and other businesses with mobile connectivity needs. With our expertise and machine-learning assisted analytics tools, we provide you with comprehensive insights which empower you to understand their competitive ranking in the local and global market. This will help you identify and systematically improve critical factors that impact network QoE and mobile connectivity.

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Benefit from our expertise in mobile network testing

Range of MNT network analytics services

Mobile network quality benchmarking services

Mobile network quality benchmarking services

Benefit from our long-lasting expertise in network testing in combination with the integrated network performance score (NPS) methodology for ranking and data analysis:

  • End-to-end planning and implementation of large-scale benchmarking campaigns
  • Drive test and/or walk test measurement execution and monitoring
  • Data validation, post-processing and report creation including analysis and recommendations
  • View through all layers of analysis from low-layer technical KPIs up to aggregated global or regional scoring
  • Optional: Certification of network performance on ETSI-compliant Network Performance Score (NPS)
  • Optional: International comparison of mobile networks performance
  • Remote/onsite presentation of results and recommendations

Large-scale benchmarking campaigns (independent or commissioned)

Mobile network performance and quality assessments based on ratified KPIs including network performance score (NPS ) acc. to ETSI TR 103 559 or customer-defined methodologies.

Basic analytics

Data analytics, identification of key areas affecting network quality and performance and recommendation for targeted and QoE centric improvements.

Deep dive analytics

Specific deep dive analytics to get actionable insights, to identify and fix problems and improve network quality and performance:

  • Voice, video and data service analytics
  • Spectrum analysis
Testing services for roll out of new network technologies

Testing services for roll out of new network technologies

Consulting and implementation of ideal QoE-centric test & measurement scenarios during trials and deployment of new technologies and services, including:

  • All cellular technologies: 5G (eMBB, mIoT, URLLC), Industry 4.0, IoT/NB-IoT/LTE-M
  • Visibility of your own and competitors’ network technology specific performance to enable a strategic deployment plan
  • Project management including on-site or remote consulting
  • Specification and supply of measurement equipment incl. all required international logistics
  • Test planning and methodology

Our experts consult and support you to understand the impact of legacy and new technologies on the network quality and performance, to understand how to test new technologies, what impacts quality and how to get an overview of spectrum usage considering new technologies.

Global network benchmarking projects

Global network benchmarking projects

Rohde & Schwarz enables customers on a global scale to improve the quality and performance of mobile networks by offering tailored and end-to-end mobile network testing services. Our experts realize QoE-centric network benchmarking campaigns, generate deep insights and build the foundation for systematic network optimization. Our insights into mobile networks show the status of the roll-out of new technologies and services and reveal the network operator's competitive ranking – fully transparent and globally comparable. On this basis, we also offer independent certifications to support public claims.

Approach & Methodology

Approach & Methodology

Rohde & Schwarz offers tailored services for benchmarking campaigns based on the customer's needs and local requirements solely or in combination with an integrative network performance score (NPS) methodology, according to ETSI TR 103 559:

The applied methodology offers transparent, independent and accurate QoE centric characterization of a network’s quality and performance.

The integrative scoring enables comparison on global ‘bird’s view’ as well as at low KPI-level across markets, countries and competitors, and ultimately effective identification of key areas for performance improvement and strategic network investments.

Discover the single score for network QoE – the Network Performance Score

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