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CleanAndLean, 6 GHz

About me:

Analog signal generator with perfect combination of performance and usability in a compact size

Specialty: Perfect for output power

Talents: Low SSB phase noise and low wideband noise

Alias: R&S®SMB100B


MustLuvSignals, 6 GHz

About me:

Superior ACLR performance, very low SSB phase noise, ultra-high output power up to +32 dBm

Specialty: Wide RF modulation bandwidth up 500 MHz

Talents: User interface with touch screen

Alias: R&S®SMBV100B


NothingExceptTheSignal 20 GHz

About me:

Extremly low SSB phase noise, almost no wideband noise, no harmonics

Specialty: Performance leadership without compromise

Talents: First class signals for first class devices

Alias: R&S®SMA100B


Application-Hero, 40 GHz

About me:

Signal generation of all important digital standards such as 5G air interface candidates

Specialty: Two RF paths

Talents: The fine art of signal generation with up to 2 GHz internal I/Q modulation bandwidth in RF

Alias: R&S®SMW200A

Signal Generator RF Match - SGT100A

Small_is_Big, 6 GHz

About me:

Fastest vector signal generator with frequency and level switchover times of 240 μs (typ.) for optimized throughput in production

Specialty: Smallest standalone vector signal generator up to 6 GHz

Talents: Fast and compact solution optimized for automated test environments

Alias: R&S®SGT100A


CostaAlittle, 12,75 GHz

About me:

Smallest vector signal generator on the market with maximum output level of typ. +22 dBm

Specialty: Excellent RF performance in a compact format

Talents: Cost-efficient with low initial costs and low cost of ownership

Alias: R&S®SGS100A


Mr-Protecto17, 3,2 GHz

About me:

Flexible and universal all-purpose analog signal generator

Specialty: Best price/performance ratio in its class

Talents: Analog modulation modes integrated as standard with a maximum output level of typ. > +17 dBm

Alias: R&S®SMC100A

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