R&S®NGE100B Power supply series

A basic power supply from R&S Essentials

R&S®NGE100B Power supply series
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R&S®NGE100B Power supply series
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R&S®NGE100B Power supply series
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R&S®NGE100B power supply series, front viewR&S®NGE100B power supply series, front viewR&S®NGE100B power supply series, back view

Key Facts

  • The R&S®NGE102B with two or the R&S®NGE103B with three individual channels
  • Max. output power of 66 W with the R&S®NGE102B, 100 W with the R&S®NGE103B
  • Max. output voltage of 32 V per channel
  • USB interface (VCP/TMC), optional LAN (LXI), optional digital I/O (4bit)
  • Intuitive, price-transparent online product configurator

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The R&S®NGE100B DC power supply series consists of robust, high-performance, affordable instruments. They combine high efficiency with low ripple and a variety of comfort functions not usually found in this class of DC power supply.
The R&S®NGE100B is ideal for:
-Manufacturing tests
-Maintenance and repair
You can now easily configure the R&S®NGE100B DC power supply online. Benefit from full price transparency, the user-friendly configurator and fast purchase request processing with the authorized distribution partner of your choice. Click "Configure and quote" to start configuration. 

Features & benefits

All channels galvanically isolated and earth free

The circuitry in each channel is completely separated from the others with no connection to chassis ground. This makes combining the channels to drive bipolar circuitries that might need +12 V/–12 V easy and eliminates any ground problems in a complex DUT.

Driving a bipolar circuit
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Driving a bipolar circuit

Combine channels to drive bipolar circuitries in complex DUTs that might need +12 V and –12 V without ground problems.

Parallel and serial operation

Because all channels are electrically equivalent, they can be combined in serial mode for higher voltages. Up to 96 V are possible with the R&S®NGE103B, up to 64 V with the R&S®NGE102B. Channels can be bundled for higher current in parallel mode. Up to 6 A are possible when two channels are combined. Using all three of the R&S®NGE103B channels, even 9 A is possible.

Parallel and serial operation
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Parallel and serial operation

The output channels can be combined in serial or parallel for higher voltages or currents.

Protection functions

For each channel, users can separately set:

  • Maximum current (electronic fuse, overcurrent protection, OCP)
  • Maximum voltage (overvoltage protection, OVP)
  • Maximum power (overpower protection, OPP)
When a limit is reached, the output channel will automatically switch off and a message displayed. The overcurrent protection can be linked to other channels (FuseLink function). Here, the channel that exceeds the maximum current level and all linked channels are switched off.

Protection functions
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Protection functions

If a limit is reached, the output channel will automatically switch off and a message will be displayed.

Color-coded operating conditions

All operating conditions are shown clearly on the 3.5" QVGA display (320 × 240 pixel), including the output power and the status of any protective functions. Colors indicate different operating conditions:

  • Active output is green when working in constant voltage mode and red when working in constant current mode
  • Inactive output is white. Whenever a channel is in setting mode, the number being set has a blue background.

The operating conditions are marked by colors
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The operating conditions are marked by colors

Constant voltage is green, constant current red, inactive channels are white and a blue background indicates a channel in setting mode.


  • Front connectors with 4 mm safety binding posts
  • USB interface (virtual COM port and TMC class)
  • LAN interface (LXI) with integrated web server (R&S®NGE-K101 option) 
  • Wireless LAN, unique in class (R&S®NGE-K102 option)
  • Digital trigger in/out (4-bit) on the rear (R&S®NGE-K103 option)

Digital I/O
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Digital I/O

Channel 1 of the optional digital I/O interface is used as a trigger input.

Easy to use, price transparent configurator

We help customers choose the right T&M instrument quickly, easily and with full price transparency. The R&S®NGP800 and other instruments from the R&S Essentials portfolio can now be configured online, providing the following benefits:
- User-friendly and easy to navigate configurator
- Full cost transparency at every step of configuration
- Fast order processing through authorized distribution partners 
- Next-day delivery from selected partners

Available models

Available models
Number of output channels
Max. output power
Output voltage per channel
Output current per channel
Orario d'inizio


Order Number 5601.3800.02

Number of output channels
Max. output power
66 W
Output voltage per channel
0 V to 32 V
Output current per channel
0 A to 3 A
Orario d'inizio
990 EUR


Order Number 5601.3800.03

Number of output channels
Max. output power
100 W
Output voltage per channel
0 V to 32 V
Output current per channel
0 A to 3 A
Orario d'inizio
1.170 EUR
Electrical specifications
Number of output channels2/3
Total output powermax. 66 W/100 W
Maximum output power per channel33,6 W
Output voltage per channel0 V to 32 V
Maximum output current per channel3 A
Voltage ripple and noise (20 Hz to 20 MHz)typ. < 1.5 mV (RMS)
< 20 mV (peak-to-peak) (meas.)
Current ripple and noise (20 Hz to 20 MHz)< 2 mA (RMS) (meas.)
Load recovery time (10 % to 90 % load change within a band of ± 20 mV of set voltage)< 200 µs (meas.)
Programming/readback resolution voltage10 mV
Programming/readback resolution current1 mA
Output measurements
Readback resolution voltage10 mV
Readback resolution current1 mA
Readback accuracy voltage ±(% of output + offset)< 0.1 % + 20 mV
Readback accuracy current ±(% of output + offset)< 0.1 % + 5 mA
Special functions
Measurement functionsvoltage, current, power, energy
Protection functionsOVP, OCP, OPP, OTP
FuseLink function
Fuse delay at output-on
Sense function-
Sink mode-
Output sequencing-
Trigger input/output-
Arbitrary function● (EasyArb)
Analog/modulation interface-
Data logging-
Display and interfaces
Display3.5" QVGA
Rear panel connections-
Remote control interfaces: standardUSB
Remote control interfaces: optionalLAN
General data
Dimensions (W × H × D)222 mm × 97 mm × 310 mm
Weight4.9 kg/5.0 kg
Rack installationR&S®HZC95 option

Available options

General analysis

Order Number 5601.2204.03


Ethernet Remote Control


Order Number 5601.2227.03


Digital Trigger I/O

General accessories

Order Number 5800.2054.02


19" Rackmount kit, 2HU,for R&S®HMC family and R&S®NGE100B series

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