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R&S and NOFFZ collaborate on automotive radar sensor production testing

The partnership between R&S and NOFFZ, combines the expertise of R&S radar object simulation and NOFFZ experience in turnkey production test systems to give automotive radar sensor suppliers a seamless path from development to validation and volume manufacturing.


Conformance assessment of standby power consumption

Experience seamless in-device testing with the R&S NPA701 through an intuitive, step-by-step user-friendly wizard.


Basic and advanced power measurement functions

Elevate your testing standards with the R&S NPA family, where precision meets simplicity.


R&S®QPS Walk2000 for mobile event security solutions and crowd control


5G Broadcast


Technology symposium is back in 2024

This video is about ROHDE & SCHWARZ


R&S®FE110ST/SR: Embrace the power of the W band


Using software pyhthon with rohde & schwarz oscilloscopes


Testing NB-NTN devices

Watch this video to discover the R&S CMW500 radio communication tester, now supporting optimal NB-NTN functionality,


O-RU energy efficiency testing

Watch this video and discover how the R&S NGP power supply units power the radio unit and monitor voltage and current statistics over time.


Testing 5G WLAN offloading with Voice over WLAN in a single box

Discover how the R&S CMX500 is able to test seamless traffic offloading and interworking between cellular 5G and non-cellular WLAN with a single box solution


Testing 5G XR applications


Towards 6G: MIMO measurements up to 110 GHz

This video demonstrates signal transmission and analysis of a 2x2 MIMO signal at 90 GHz.


Towards 6G: Wideband sub-THz communication testing

Watch this video to learn about solutions developed to meet bandwidth needs for demanding applications such as early 6G research


UWB R&D, FiRa certifictaion and production testing

Watch this video to learn more about powerful tools to solve UWB test challenges in R&D, for FiRa certification and in mass production


5G C-V2X production testing with the CMP180 radio communications tester


5G eCall device and system testing


Verify the 5G network performance in business critical private networks


5G Juggler: Importance of testing in 5G private networks


Enable mission-critical networks with accurate network testing


Solutions for regulatory authorities


Towards 6G: integrated sensing and communication (ISAC)

This demonstration shows how to objectively measure sensing performance based on test instruments, which enable object emulation in terms of distance, speed and radar cross section (RCS) in mmWave spectrum.


Wi-Fi 7 testing in R&D

Learn how to test the non-cellular interface up to the latest Wi-Fi 7 standard in addition to the cellular 4G and 5G interfaces of a device.


Towards 6G: AI-native interface – neural receiver

Watch this video to learn about achievable performance gains when using trained AI/ML models compared to traditional signal processing.


Power consumption testing for smartphone energy labeling

Learn about the R&S CMX500 radio communication tester that supports end-to-end testing of all signaling use cases and SmartViser’s viSer test automation application.


Testing NR-NTN devices

Learn about user-friendly protocol testing and RF measurements to ensure optimal performance of your NR-NTN device.


Explainer video: Ensuring ADAS functionality during Periodic Technical Inspection (PTI)


Signal generation and analysis up to 110 GHz with frontends

This video shows the excellent signal performance and the support of swept measurements and local oscillator coupling of the FE frontend series.


Noise Figure and Gain Measurements of amplifiers from 75 GHz to 110 GHz

This video shows how to measure noise figure and gain of an amplifier at around 90 GHz using the smart noise source R&S FS-SNS110 and the external frontend R&S FE110SR in combination with a spectrum analyzer.


Application video: Automotive radar simulation object distance down to the airgap

This video shows how the AREG800A radar echo generator can characterize the performance of the world’s first 28 nm RFCMOS radar SoC from NXP.


EUT Test Template

Learn in this short video about R&S®ELEKTRA EMC test automation software how to create the EUT test template.


Test Report Configuration

Learn in this short video about R&S®ELEKTRA EMC test automation software how to configure the test report.


Run test

Learn in this short video about R&S®ELEKTRA EMC test automation software how to run the test.


Device List

Learn in this short video about R&S®ELEKTRA EMC test automation software how to set up the devices..


Attenuation Table

Learn in this short video about R&S®ELEKTRA EMC test automation software how to assign the attenuation table.


System path calibration

Learn in this short video about R&S®ELEKTRA EMC test automation software how to calibrate the system path..


Test Template

Learn in this short video about R&S®ELEKTRA EMC test automation software how to create a test template


Hardware setup

Learn in this short video about R&S®ELEKTRA EMC test automation software how to set up the test hardware.


Tools setting

Learn in this short video about R&S®ELEKTRA EMC test automation software how to configure the test basics.


Path switching

Learn in this short video about R&S®ELEKTRA EMC test automation software how to set up the signal path switching.


Reference Calibration Test Report

Learn in this short video about R&S®ELEKTRA EMC test automation software how to create the reference calibration and the test report.


Testing extended reality (XR) based applications over 5G

This demo of the R&S®CMX500 shows how you can address XR application testing challenges.


6G Applications

The metaverse is a virtual space where people come together to interact with one another and explore a computer-generated world. Watch this video to learn about the direction of 6G, XR applications and more.


Semiconductor Technologies

There are several different semiconductor technologies that are currently being discussed for 6G. Watch this video for a deeper insight into the main challenges and findings on semiconductor technologies


Case Study: Riverlane

How does Rohde & Schwarz support Riverlane to overcome their quantum computing innovation challenges?


Case study: Riverlane

What is Quantum computing and how will these technical advances benefit the world? Hear from Riverlane on their industry leading innovations.


THz Communication

Watch this video for an overview of THz communication research, requirements and test equipment.


Depth Scan Accuracy

Our video showcases the scanner's rapid detection of missing items, such as an absent egg in a carton, with precise depth measurement.


Power Intergity Testing


History Mode


Add Protocol Analysis


Big High Resolution Display


Whisper Quiet Operation


High Performance M2 Memory


Free Run Triggering Mode


Intuitive User Interface Design Speeds Workflow


Integrated Waveform Generator


Add Logic Channels For MSO Operation


Integrated Frequency Response Analyzer


EMI Testing Using MXO Oscilloscopes


Low Noise Architecture


Joint communication and sensing (JCAS)

Discover the insights of Rohde & Schwarz experts and other industry leaders as they discuss the applications and challenges of this exciting technology.


Introducing the R&S MXO 5 oscilloscope: Evolved for More Challenges!


Toolbar Increases Productivity

The R&S®MXO 5 oscilloscopes comes with a toolbar in order to configure your display with your most common used functions


Arbitrary Waveform Generator

The R&S®MXO 5 series oscilloscope features an integrated 2-channel waveform generator as a source for a variety of waveforms.


Deep Memory

No longer a trade off between maintaining a high sample rate and capturing time: With a standard 500 Mpts of memory per channel with your R&S®MXO 5 series oscilloscope it is possible to capture longer time periods while maintaining a high sample rate.


Easy Oscilloscope Remote Use

Take advantage of the R&S®MXO 5 series oscilloscope and it's capability for remote access. View the display on a PC or mobile device with the same user interface as the oscilloscope and control your measurements from everywhere.


Power Integrity Testing

Take advantage of the R&S®MXO 5 series oscilloscopes and with the industry-best +/-5V of offset @ 1mV/div. As a result you can zoom in to scale DC signals using all 12-bits of the instrument’s ADC.


12-Bit ADC - All the time

The R&S®MXO 5 series oscilloscope comes with a 12 bit ADC vertical resolution and helps you to see signal details that other oscilloscopes will miss.


Customizable Layout With SmartGrid

The R&S®MXO 5 series oscilloscope provides the possibility for the customer to customize their layout in order to work with a short learning curve and high productivity.


Fast Update Rate

With the R&S®MXO 5 series oscilloscope you have the industry's fastest update rate with 4.5 million waveforms/s on up to 4 channels simultaneously in order to find signal anomalies quickly.


Superior Spectrum

The R&S®MXO 5 series oscilloscope offers superior RF measurement capabilities with up to 4 spectrums simultaneously. With 45,000 FFT/s the instrument provides the industry leading spectrum acquisition rate.


Independent control for time and frequency settings

Take advantage of the R&S®MXO 5 series oscilloscope and it's capability for independent control settings for time and frequency domain. Make your life easier, while working in both domains independently.


Power Consumption Analysis Tool for R&S®High-Precision Power Supplies


Battery Simulation with the R&S®NGM200 and R&S®NGU201


Explainer video: Automotive 5G voice quality testing from Rohde & Schwarz and HEAD acoustics

A seamless 5G voice experience inside vehicles is something we all expect but how do car manufacturers ensure their customers experience optimum voice quality? This video shows how the easy to use system developed by HEAD acoustics and Rohde & Schwarz can conduct standards-compliant tests and enable 4G and 5G voice quality to be optimized.


Explainer video: Implementing realistic tests on virtual roads

The R&S®QAT100 antenna array and R&S®AREG800A radar echo generator together make the most powerful and scalable automotive radar object simulation system available. Watch this video to see how its advanced features can cover all scenarios from single static objects to complex moving traffic scenarios.


CLIPSTER - the gold standard for mastering

CLIPSTER - our solution for fast and reliable DCP and IMF Mastering.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Learn about the role that AI and ML may play in signal processing, battery-powered mobile devices and more.


6G Overview and vision

Rohde & Schwarz is not just an observer; we're actively shaping the future of 6G as part of various research projects. Join us on this journey toward a wireless world. Together, we'll make it extraordinary.


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