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  • Digital TV ATSC 3.0 standard testing possible with R&S BTC unit

    Digital TV ATSC 3.0 standard testing possible with R&S BTC unit Digital TV ATSC 3.0 standard testing possible with R&S BTC unit Digital TV receiving equipment and terrestrial tuner chipset manufacturers can test the performance of their products for compliance with the ATSC 3.0 standard using only a single unit. Rohde & Schwarz offers an ATSC 3.0 realtime coder and a waveform testing library for

  • Ready for RED – DAB car radio testing with the R&S®BTC

    Ready for RED – DAB car radio testing with the R&S®BTC Webinar: Ready for RED – DAB car radio testing with the R&S®BTC Second part of a short series The ETSI has specified a new mandatory test requirement, the radio equipment directive (RED), that applies to radio and television broadcast receivers sold into Europe. From June 13, 2017 on, all manufacturers have to test their entertainment systems

  • Automotive infotainment

    TV and radio receivers, we rely on the R&S®BTC broadcast test center. This platform supports all analog and digital broadcasting standards, allowing us to perform compliance testing and reporting for Digital Radio Tick, D-Book as well as the EN 303 340, EN 303 345 and EN 303 372-2 for the Radio Equipment Directive." Wireless Technologies UG Controlar Pedro Torres, CEO Founder of Controlar,

  • Positioning & Navigation Overview

    Positioning & Navigation Location based service (LBS) applications based on A-GNSS, OTDOA and eCID are expanding strongly.LBS is a growing market segment involving determining the location of a mobile device for either emergency services applications (E911, eCall, ERA-Glonass) or commercial applications such as social media, RCS, mapping and geo-based advertising. Increasingly sophisticated

  • LR-WPAN / ZigBee - Solution

    LR-WPAN – ZigBee, Thread, 6LoWPANLow-rate wireless personal area networks (LR-WPAN) as specified in IEEE 802.15.4 that operate in the 2.4 GHz ISM band are widely used in smart homes and buildings as well as for industrial automation.WPAN networks based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard are optimized for low-rate data transmission, low power consumption and often support meshed network architectures in

  • Airborne Communications - Solution

    Airborne CommunicationsOverviewKey CapabilitiesOutstanding Radio CharacteristicsSecure CommunicationsFlexible Range of ApplicationsLow Maintenance EffortFuture-Ready InvestmentSecure RadiocommunicationsReferencesExtract of International ReferencesAirborne Transceivers R&S®MR6000A for A400M Transport AircraftEurofighter Typhoon Uses Airborne Transceivers R&S®MR6000E to CommunicateR&S®M3AR Family of

  • R&S®M3TR. Multiband, multimode, multirole radio family for tactical applications

    R&S®M3TR. Multiband, multimode, multirole radio family for tactical applicationsArmed forces all over the world are confronted with increasingly difficult challenges. International conflicts push personnel and today’s equipment to their limits. Information superiority ensures a common operational picture, which is required to succeed in military missions.Forces have to adapt their capabilities to


    for all-in-one. The R&S®ETL combines the functionality of a TV and FM (radio) signal analyzer, a video and MPEG TS analyzer and a spectrum analyzer in a single instrument. R&S®BTC Broadcast Test Center R&S®BTC Broadcast Test Center The R&S®BTC broadcast test center is a reference signal generator featuring analysis functions and automated tests for audio, video and multimedia applications. R&S®SFE


    R&S®NAVICS. Secure and trusted next ICS generation.Fully IP-based naval system for internal and external communications Show VideoRohde & Schwarz provides R&S®NAVICS as a new generation of Naval Integrated Communications Systems. The highly integrated system constitutes an excellent VoIP-based switching solution, providing new operational capabilities from mobile devices all over the ship. A new

  • Audio / Video Headend

    Audio / Video HeadendOverviewGeneral InformationThe compact R&S®AVHE100 is setting new standards for audio/video headends. It is based on professional IT hardware, and the entire range of functions has been implemented using an innovative software architecture. The integrated headend management system supports touchscreens for intuitive operation of the R&S®AVHE100. Special CrossFlowIP technology

Results 1 - 10 of 395
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