Add Limit Line to existing EMC32 Test to create a new list of critical frequencies


I have saved an EMI Test and would like to add a new Limit Line to the existing Test, optionally I would like to create a new list of critical frequencies, based on the new limit line. How can I do this with EMC32?


Yes, you can do this. You can load the Test and you can add a new limit to the exisitig graphic. It is also possible to run a new EMI Evaluation to get new critical frequencies. Attached you you find a demo movie in avi file format. The avi movie will show you an example how to do it.

Please keep the following in mind: If the new limit is more stringent, you may get new critical frequencies. If the DUT is no more available, you are not able to run new Final measurements. In this case it may be useful to run the EMI Scan with a Test Receiver with Time Domain Scan and Final Detector.


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