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  • R&S®TLU9 Low-Power UHF Transmitter and GapFiller Family

    R&S®TLU9 Low-Power UHF Transmitter and GapFiller FamilyPowerful, reliable, smartOverview ModelsKey facts Highest availability in its power class 25 % energy cost savings Best serviceability in its classKey factsHighest availability in its power class25 % energy cost savingsBest serviceability in its classMost compact low-power transmitter and gap fillerWorld-class echo cancellation with R&S

  • TV transmitters

    values of up to 38 % for COFDM and 42 % for ATSC. UHF analog TV or digital TV Air cooled Up to 3 kW Low power TV transmitters R&S®TLU9 Transmitter and GapFiller R&S®TLU9 Transmitter and GapFiller The unique low-power transmitter and gap filler family offers highest reliability, ensuring trouble-free operation during its lifetime. UHF digital TV Single-box design 1 W to 200 W Interested in our radio transmitters? Check out our high and medium power radio transmitters. Radio transmitters | Rohde & Schwarz

  • R&S®TMU9evo

    the convenience they want and need when installing, commissioning and operating transmitters. Together with the intelligent efficiency optimization, this reduces network operator costs and maximizes operational convenience. Features & benefits Available models TMU9evo TMU9evo_400W TMU9evo_750W TMU9evo_115kW TMU9evo_15kW TMU9evo_23kW TMU9evo_30kW Available options Related downloads Featured downloads Related products THU9evo TMV9 TLU9

Results 1 - 3 of 3
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