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  • Featured Products for Border & Perimeter Control

    R&S®RAMON Radiomonitoring SoftwareOpen Contact FormSend us an e-mail

  • Key Capabilities for Tactical Communications Solutions - IP over Air (IPoA)

    Military commanders are tasked with doing whatever it takes to effectively accomplish missions while ensuring the safety of their troops. To achieve this aim, access to the right information at the right place and time and the ability to leverage that information into sustained information superiority is a crucial factor.For many years now, Rohde & Schwarz has been committed to equipping ground forces

  • Terrestrial Infrastructure & Testing - Reference Norway

    After initial testing conducted during 1999 and a subsequent call for tenders, by 2006 Rohde & Schwarz was the only company to have won the contract to set up a nationwide DVB-T network for Norway.Setting up a transmitter network for an entire country is an enormous task, but one that could almost be called routine for Rohde & Schwarz. After all, Rohde & Schwarz has already equipped a number of countries

  • Terrestrial Infrastructure & Testing - Reference Turkmenistan

    For project supervisor Robert Bleicher (a project manager in the Broadcast Division) and his team, it was not the kind of order you receive every day. A record-breaking new TV tower was being built in Turkmenistan, formerly part of the Soviet Union. Incorporating a giant, eight-pointed star and a revolving restaurant, the tower is not just a standout piece of architecture. The Oguz Khan star has even

  • EMC test solutions to cover article 3.1(b) of the RED

    Article 3.1(b) of the RED 2014/53/EU states that all radio equipment shall be constructed so as to ensure an adequate level of electromagnetic compatibility as set out in the EMC directive 2014/30/EU. The applicable harmonized standards are listed in the Official Journal of the EU.The EMC directive basically includes a range of emission and immunity tests for radio equipment. The harmonized standard

  • Frequently asked questions

    Do you have further questions about the Radio Equipment Directive (RED), harmonized standards or testing requirements? Find answers to the most common customer questions below, contact your local sales representative or use our contact form.Contact us nowExpand AllCollapse AllWhoever wants to transmit or receive radio signals in Europe must comply with the relevant European directives governing the

  • Test solutions to cover article 3.2 of the RED

    Article 3.2 of the RED 2014/53/EU requires that radio equipment should be constructed so that it both effectively uses and supports the efficient use of radio spectrum in order to avoid harmful interference. The applicable harmonized standards are listed in the Official Journal of the EU.Rohde & Schwarz offers a wide range of test solutions covering the test requirements described in various harmonized

  • Data Converter Design

    With a wide range of applications in communications, automotive and many industry fields, data converters are an essential part of all cutting-edge electronic and RF designs.New generations of high-speed data converters address the need for growing bandwidths and data rates and put increasing demands on clock speed and digital processing power. On the other hand, aspects such as low power consumption

  • EMI Debugging

    Rohde & Schwarz has an extensive experience in EMI testing and provides a broad range of solutions in EMI Debug, EMI PreCompliance and EMI Compliance testing.Use our EMI Debug solutions to verify your design at an early stage and to localize possible sources of emissions. Quickly find the root cause of EMI problems with our multidomain functionality, correlating time and frequency domain in your signals.Optimizing

  • eCall and ERA-Glonass system module testing presented at GSMA MWC 2015

    Presented at GSMA MWC 2015Rohde & Schwarz presented an automated solution for reliable and reproducible end-to-end conformance testing of eCall and ERA-Glonass modules at the GSMA Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona. The setup enables to test whether the IVS modem is able to trigger an emergency call, send the correct MSD data to the 2G/3G network, establish a voice connection with the PSAP and

Results 1 - 10 of 308
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