Occupational safety

Occupational safety

Safety-oriented and environment-oriented management is an integral part of our management system. We regularly check the methods employed to achieve safety-oriented and environment-oriented processes and adapt them to current requirements.

All safety and environment-relevant processes and methods undergo continuous improvement. Any potential for improvement derived from analyses is implemented in the form of financially reasonable projects. The occupational safety and health of our employees is our major concern.

Occupational safety and environmental protection are management tasks. The managerial staff promote the implementation of the principles of the EPOS policy by example and by appropriate human resources development. The managerial staff require and control implementation by means of management by objectives.

All employees act responsibly in terms of safety and environmental protection and actively contribute to eliminating and minimizing risks. They consequently promote occupational safety and health at the workplace.

We comply with all relevant laws, regulations, ordinances and legal requirements. To the extent financially justifiable, we will make use of any technical and/or scientific advances in environmental protection and occupational safety that exceed legal requirements.

Products, processes and methods are developed in accordance with the state of the art. The conservation of raw materials and energy has priority. In addition, we reduce noxious emissions, waste water and waste to a minimum.

We obligate our business partners to comply with our principles in order to ensure the occupational safety and health of their employees to the extent we can influence these factors. We include them in our endeavor to achieve environmentally aware business procedures. In addition, we provide advice to our customers and offer environmentally friendly solutions.

All information describing the effect of our business activities on the environment is accessible to the public. We cooperate with government authorities, institutions, other enterprises and the public on a trusting and open basis. Our employees have access at any time to all information about the effect of work on their health.

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Rohde & Schwarz is and has always been committed to the very highest quality standards. This holds true for products and services as well as for all entrepreneurial activities in company units and functions.

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Environmental responsibility at Rohde & Schwarz encompasses the entire product life cycle, from design and development to production and takeback. It influences all our business processes and shapes the way we manage our company locations.

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