Power Electronics Day
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23 September 2020 | Virtual event

Virtual Event

Asia Pacific

1:00 – 5:00pm (Singapore time)

Wide bandgap device – Testing beyond robustness

The introduction of SiC/ GaN has given power electronics a new breath. With the advantage of higher efficiency, smaller size, faster switching and higher reliability, these wide bandgap materials are widely adopted in power-hungry-industries such as power amplifier for 5G, next generation EV and data center.

Join the virtual Rohde & Schwarz Power Electronics Day to learn more about power electronics focusing on wide bandgap devices. We are pleased to have Wolfspeed - the world’s largest SiC and GaN wide bandgap power and RF fabrication facility - join us for the keynote address and speak about designing with SiC.

If you have an existing challenge on power electronics testing or want to improve your knowledge on SiC/ GaN, this virtual event is for you.



Cam Pham

Global Automotive FAE Leader, Wolfspeed

Cam Pham is a passionate power electronics engineer, joined Cree in 2015 as industrial power FAE and now leads the global automotive FAE team of Cree - Wolfspeed Power. He holds an electronic technician degree, B.Sc. in electronics engineering and M.Sc. in power electronics and drives. With 15+ years of experience and a practical mindset, he is eager to help customers to overcome their technical challenges, and EMI/EMC is just one of the many topics of discussion.

CS Wong

CS Wong

Scopes Product Manager, Rohde & Schwarz Regional HQ Singapore

Wong Chun Soong is currently the Product Manager for R&S Oscilloscope Division in Asia and had been working in Rohde & Schwarz for the past 7 years. Before joining Rohde & Schwarz, he was with Intel working on platform design and developing test methodology for USB, DDR, HDMI and DisplayPort.

Markus Herdin

Dr Markus Herdin

Market Segment Manager ICR, Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

Dr Markus Herdin is a seasoned market development professional at Rohde & Schwarz with a focus on power electronics test & measurement applications. His previous experience at Rohde & Schwarz includes roles in product management, product development and corporate business development. Markus holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering as well as an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth.

Heng Wee Boo

Heng Wee Boo

Senior Regional Application Engineer, Rohde & Schwarz Regional HQ Singapore

Heng Wee Boo is a specialist in Vector Network and Time Domain Analysis in Rohde & Schwarz. His experience in aerospace & defense market on test and measurement field made him a knowledgeable consultant in various projects in the Asia Pacific region. As a qualified trainer at Rohde & Schwarz, he also actively supports and conducts trainings for R&S products in the region. Mr Heng graduated with a BEng (Hons) in Electronics Engineering from University of South Australia and has been in the industry since 2001.

Presentation synopses

Keynote: Trends and future of power electronics

In 1996, Dr Richard E Smalley, Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, predicted that energy is number one in “humanity’s top ten problem for the next 50 years”. Today, the hunger for more “power” makes energy efficiency top priority. Will wide bandgap devices be the game changer in power electronics? Learn more as Cam Pham, Global Automotive FAE Leader from Wolfspeed, bring you for a trip back to the future with power electronics. Get more insights on the future of SiC/ GaN market.

Switching analysis – From switching loss measurement to verifying robustness of your design

The ultimate goal of every product is to meet its application requirement with some tolerance and taking into account of various input and environment factors. However, there is no direct measurement of robustness of the design. In this session, we look into the basic of switching loss and gate timing measurement. From there, we will dwell deeper into how to gain insight into robustness using different measurement methodology.

Probing in power electronics

Continuing the previous topic on robustness verification, we touch on how probing can affect the overall measurement accuracy. The right probing equipment and measurement techniques are of crucial importance in order to perform reliable oscilloscope measurements on power electronics. In this session, we will investigate further on the impact of probes and what attributes we should pay attention to when selecting the right probe for measurement, for example CMMR, attenuation ratio, etc.

Redesigning with SiC – an EMI compliance rapid prototyping approach

Wide bandgap (WBG) devices like SiC and GaN are seeing more adoption, especially in applications that require higher efficiency and power density such as EV, PV and datacenter. However there are some myths that using SiC is more challenging from EMI standpoint. In this session, we will share some design tips and document that SiC is as easy to meet as Si.

Power electronics and EMI

Prior to market launch, all electronics products have to comply with their respective EMC standards. Power electronics deals with high voltage high current, and thus result in higher magnitude of unwanted conducted or radiated emission. To mitigate the potential issue of non-compliance, prompt analysis of EMI problems during development is essential. In this session, we revisit various requirement for compliance and a look into various methods to quantify EMI performance. Different development stages can benefit from different instruments, like EMI receivers for precision in pre-compliance phase; while during prototype phase, oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzer can help in EMI debugging.