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How to make the THROUGH female-male?


I have a setup with Port 1 as it is and a cable on Port 2. Now I want to make a TOSM calibration.

The ZV-Z32 calibration kit contains a female-male THROUGH.

Should I use it or should I connect the cable directly to Port 1?


The female-male THROUGH is only a connector, but not a calibration standard.

You have to connect the cable directly to Port 1.

However, the definition of the calibration standard in the calibration kit is decisive. By default, the length of a male-female THROUGH connection is defined to be zero, which supports the direct connection of the male-female connectors at the end of the test cables or test ports. Of course, the male-female adapter could be used, but this would make it necessary to enter its length in the calibration kit definitions. For most calibrations, however, the direct male-female connection is recommended because it avoids the use of an additional component and thus eliminates an additional potential error source.