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  • Data Converter Design

    With a wide range of applications in communications, automotive and many industry fields, data converters are an essential part of all cutting-edge electronic and RF designs.New generations of high-speed data converters address the need for growing bandwidths and data rates and put increasing demands on clock speed and digital processing power. On the other hand, aspects such as low power consumption

  • LTE Webinar Design challenges for handset power amplifiers due to LTE-Advanced - Webinar

    Rohde & Schwarz webinar from December 10, 20143GPP Release 10, better known as the first release of LTE-Advanced, has added several features that impact uplink transmission. This creates some design and test challenges for power amplifiers that go into modern smartphones or tablets. This webinar discusses the added features, analyzes design implications and explains how to overcome these challenges

  • In Focus - Dual Cell – HSDPA (DC-HSDPA)

    HSPA on top of WCDMA networks has been a true success story around the globe. Meanwhile all WCDMA networks have been upgraded to support at least HSDPA operation. Furthermore a number of enhancements known as HSPA+ features have been added in 3GPP Releases 8 up to 10. The aim is to increase peak data rates, to improve spectral efficiency and to reduce latency in the system. One of the features added

  • Smartphone-based, tactical mobile network benchmarking

    Presented at GSMA MWC 2014SwissQual, a Rohde & Schwarz company, presented the QualiPoc Freerider II at the GSMA Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona. The multitechnology, smartphone-based benchmarking and optimization tool for mobile radio networks combines a wide-range of benchmarking function and comparison capabilities with a smartphone's real end-user experience. The mobile tool can be conveniently

  • WLAN / Wi-Fi - Solution

    Reproducible receiver tests under car-to-car fading conditionsTesting uplink accuracy for WLAN IEEE 802.11axGenerating WLAN IEEE 802.11ax SignalsTesting the IP connection security of telematics unitsIncrease the IP connection security of your IoT deviceIEEE 802.11ax Technology IntroductionWLAN 802.11ad Transmitter MeasurementsAll Applications & WhitepapersRohde & Schwarz test solutions: Unique test

  • Applications & White Papers for WLAN / Wi-Fi

    Generating WLAN IEEE 802.11ax Signals Rohde & Schwarz signal generators can generate standard-compliant WLAN IEEE 802.11ax signals for high efficiency (HE) receiver testing.This application note helps to choose the right generator test solutions and explains step-by-step how to generate 802.11ax SISO and MIMO signals. Measurements, such as EVM, are presented to illustrate the signal performance. Furthermore

  • WLAN / Wi-Fi Featured Products

    Rohde & Schwarz test instruments are based on multistandard platforms supporting WLAN, other noncellular standards and all major cellular standards in one box.R&S®CMW500 WLAN IEEE 802.11a, b, g, n network emulation WLAN IEEE 802.11a, b, g, n, ac signal generation and analysis End-to-end application testing and performance measurement Dual-tester configuration for simultaneous testing of two wireless

  • Naval Communications - Solution

    OverviewMilitary-Grade Data Communications SolutionsSecure RadiocommunicationsICS from a Single SourceFully IP-based naval system for internal and external communicationsOfferings designed to meet the challenges of naval communications.More InformationOpen Contact FormSend us an e-mail

  • Success Story Broadcast Australia

    Broadcast Australia has placed orders for high efficiency DTV transmitters to Rohde & Schwarz as part of both the introduction of new services and a transmitter replacement program. These will be installed throughout the country and include R&S®THU9 UHF transmitter family and the recently launched R&S®THV9 VHF transmitter family in different Power classes (2.3kW - 9.2kW).Both UHF and VHF high efficiency

  • Success Story KERA

    The North Texas public broadcaster looks to Rohde & Schwarz for reliable and efficient transmitter technology for both TV and FM broadcast.KERA-TV, a public broadcasting station serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area, has selected the R&S®THU9 high-power UHF TV transmitter from Rohde & Schwarz to provide greater efficiency and reliability to their 50 kW broadcast.The primary driver for KERA’s transmitter

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