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  • HE400 connection to several devices

  • FSH Connection to PC or Laptop trouble with old USB Cable

    Fast data transfer will not work between the FSH and the external PC. Intermittent data gets lost.We have a rather old FSH USB cable. It is not marked with "REV II". How can we solve this problem?Until the end of last year, all external PCs or laptops with DualCore did not work with our old USB-to-optical cable.The problem could only be fixed by using a new cable marked with "REV II".Now a new driver

  • Reading out Auto Peak Trace Data

    I have made a measurement with the Auto Peak detector.When I read the trace data with:TRAC? TRACE1I only receive the Max Peak values and not the Min Peak values.How can I also receive the Min Peak values without having to perform a new measurement?After you get the Max Peak values withTRAC? TRACE1send the commandDET NEGthen read the trace again withTRAC? TRACE1You will now get the Min Peak values.

  • Bias to the LNB

    How do I get the bias to the LNB connected to the FSH4 or FSH8?There are two BNC connectors on the left side of the FSH. Use these connectors toinput the bias. You also have to enable the bias by pressing SETUP and F2.Always use an external power supply to feed the bias into the FSH.

  • What is the VISA resource name for a FSH with a USB cable?

    I have a FSH with a USB cable for remote control. I can see in the WINDOWS device handler that the USB cable is set to COM5. What is the VISA resource name for this connection?Please open the 'Measurement & Automation Explorer' from National Instruments and double-click COM5 in the 'Devices and Connections' => 'Ports' menu.Now the screen you see shows something like 'ASRL8::INSTR'. This is the VISA

  • FSH: How to perform a signal strength measurement showing the results on the outdoor map

    Name Last Modified Size201911_FSH_Relative_field_strenght_map.pdf Oct 29, 2020 446 kB FSH: How to perform a signal strength measurement showing the results on the outdoor map From the expert’s desk Products: | FSH 4 / 8 / 13 / 20 | HA-Z240 1. Introduction: The R&S FSH Handheld Spectrum Analyzer Family provides the most important RF analysis functions that an RF service technician or an installation

  • Import Transducers using InstrumentsView

  • Lost Internet Connection when using USB Interface of FPC / FSH / FPH / ZVH / ZPH / FSC

  • Battery Indicator Shows Discharged after Firmware Update

    After performing a firmware update, the battery indicator on the screen shows discharged, even if the battery was completely charged before performing the update.This is a usual behavior of the FSH models after a firmware update. The firmware update procedure overwrites the battery indicator's memory. The battery indicator shows discharged.To recover, connect the FSH via a power adapter to the main

  • The Marker does not show the exact Frequency

    Please see the picture below. It shows a center frequency of 10 MHz and a marked signal about 3.1 kHz higher.We don’t understand this discrepancy because the signal is taken directly from the 10 MHz output of a Quartzlockoff-air frequency standard.Can you help please? Are we doing something wrong?This 'error' is due to two things:- There are 631 trace points, which results in a step size of 1585 Hz

  • Baud Rate Setting Resets After Power Line Disconnection

    If the FSHx was removed from the power line, the baud rate setting is lost.The default baud rate of 19200 baud is set.This effect is independent of the battery.The baud rate of the serial connection is stored in the RAM memory of the FSHx.This memory is powered by the power line.After a disconnection from the power line, you can easily eliminate the effect described by you by using the following routine

  • FSH: Store measurement result as S2P Touchstone file

    How can I store the measurement result of my FSH4/8/13/20 as a S2P file in Touchstone format?You can store S2P files from the FSH via the help of the software FSH4View.Here the link to the FSH4View: https://www.rohde-schwarz.com/software/fsh/Do the following: Mode - Network Analyzer Setup - Measure Setup - Measurement Mode - Vector make a Full-2-Port calibration on the FSH do the measurement switch

  • Transferring ASCII trace data by memory card

    I want to use the SD card instead of the LAN/USB cable to transfer ASCII trace data from the FSH4 to a laptop. Is this possible?Yes, it is possible with the free of charge FSH4View software that comes with the instrument. The procedure is easy:1.) Insert SD card into FSH4/8 SD card slot.2.) Press SAVE/RECALL => SAVE3.) Press INTERNAL / SD CARD softkey to change from internal memory to storage card4

  • Master PIN Code

    I forgot my PIN code for the R&S FSH. Is there a master PIN code? Where can I find it for my device?Each R&S FSH3, FSH6 and FSH18 comes with a unique master PIN code. The master PIN code is provided with the Calibration Certificate documentation delivered with the unit.The master PIN code should be stored in a secure place away from the R&S FSH. If someone enters an incorrect PIN three times in succession

  • Convert the trace data in a dataset file (*.SET) to a CSV file

    I have many dataset files (*.SET) with trace data. How can I convert the trace data to ASCII format file (*.CSV)?With the program InstrumentView you can do this:https://www.rohde-schwarz.com/software/fph/Just open the SET-file in the InstrumentView and save it then as CSV-file.

  • FSH dispays strange MAC address

  • Spectrum Analyzers - Export of trace data into a CSV file via remote control

    Name Last Modified SizeFPL_Measurement_to_CSV.zip Dec 10, 2020 77 kB

  • FSH and Custom Preset

    How to set a custom preset on the FSH3/6/18 ?The user-defined default setup is generated by manually entering the desired parameters and saving the settings as data set. This data set can subsequently be declared as the preset setting with the aid of the R&S FSH View software.NB: If no user-specific default setup is defined, CUSTOM is inactive and cannot be selected.1. On the spectrum analyzer, change

  • Achieve noise level below -100 dBm for S21 measurements

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